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Discussion in 'Phat Snaps' started by Elbo, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Elbo

    Elbo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Whenever I ride I always find myself coming across great views and landscapes that I wouldn't get to see if I wasn't riding. These can be on the MTB or the Roadie, in the city, in the bush or on a country road. Some of the sunsets I have seen are so amazing you just stop riding and watch them for a few minutes.

    What amazing landscapes/views have you come across while out on a ride? They don't have to be sunsets. As long as you've taken it while riding and it focusses on the scenery or view of the trail and not so much on the riding, post it up!

    Here are a few of mine so far.

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  2. Callan.

    Callan. Farkin Gorilla.

    First one is amazing!
  3. Elbo

    Elbo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Thanks mate. That's the highest point on our local trails in Albury. Always gives amazing 360˚ views particularly at sunset, as you can see. Love stopping there before heading back towards civilisation :).
  4. trt-reece

    trt-reece Likes Dirt

    Out at the lookout? Love that spot, was better before the table got burnt down. Grab a snack of the blueberry (or blackberry, some kind of berry) bush, then keep riding. :)
  5. Tyler!

    Tyler! Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Its actually a poison doomberry tree, probably not the best thing to eat while riding...

    seriosuly though, epic sunsets!

    i cant say i've ever watched the sun set:eek:
  6. Elbo

    Elbo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Yep, trt-reece, at the lookout, great spot.

    Here's another one I found in my collection. This was able 15km from Albury on a road ride (apologies for language :p)

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  7. trt-reece

    trt-reece Likes Dirt

    Hasn't done anything to me! I must be poison doomberry immune
  8. Tyler!

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    where did my hybrid bush go wrong?
  9. tudorsi

    tudorsi Likes Dirt

    love them great work man
  10. Moggio

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    When I first started MTBing and had a young baby I used to ride Narrow Neck at Katoomba twice a week at dawn in winter. Freezing cold but great views every morning and lots of solitude.

    These were from a particularly good morning with the "phantom falls" in fine form which you have to ride through.

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  11. Elbo

    Elbo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Wow! :eek: They are great! I especially like the second one! Looks like a waterfall. So does the trail go across that ridge where the cloud is spilling over, Moggio? Magic stuff.

    EDIT: That sooo makes me want to ride there too!!
  12. leitch

    leitch Wheel size expert



    That is amazing. I want to see.
  13. Moggio

    Moggio Likes Bikes and Dirt

    This effect happens a few times every winter.. as we are at around 1000m with surrounding valleys around 400m they fill with cloud and it gets blown over the ridge. It also is beastly cold, 0 degrees with a strong wind. The clouds do flow and fall like a slow waterfall and riding into it does feel weird as your brain does think "waterfall".

    The ride itself is just a good, exhausting 30km fire trail but it does have possible the best views of any ride I have done.
  14. Big_Chief

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    its pretty amazing that you can see the pine trees on manly beach from the end of the fire trail.
  15. Elbo

    Elbo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Here's another one from the weekend. Storm was starting to come over. The trail is very overgrown with long grass as you can see.

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  16. Moggio

    Moggio Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Is that fog in the valley?
  17. Elbo

    Elbo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Nah, no fog in that photo mate. Just storm clouds in the distance and overhead. The contrast between the dry grass and the dark sky was awesome. Doesn't come up as well in the photo, but was good enough to stop and get the camera out.
  18. spinner

    spinner Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Elbo and I hit the high plains near Falls Creek today. Amazing views to be had. Took a few snaps.....

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  19. Misplaced

    Misplaced Formerly Unfit

    NZ trip down south

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  20. Elbo

    Elbo Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Nice one Misplaced. Looks like a beautiful place. Love the trail forming through the grass with the mountains in the background. Looks awesome!

    Thanks for posting those up Spinner. It was a great ride mate. Awesome views to be had from up at Timms Spur. On a clear day you can see Falls Creek, Feathertop, Buffalo and Bogong. Here's the view of Bogong from the Falls Creek side. It makes it even sweeter knowing its something you can only get to on bike/foot.

    And this one, although not as good a photo, is from Mt Buller a couple of days before hand. Here's a mate of mine heading down the Outlaw Track with the summit in the background.

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