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Well, i have a bit of searching through Farkin and found nothing so far, (if i was wrong let me off). I was wondering if there are any Australian Websites that sell Bicycle Parts and Tools online? Are there any that people can Recommend? Perhaps a bit like ChainReactionCycles, but here in Australia.



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Thanks for that mate, this site is pretty good.
Glad you like us :).

We will be updating some sections this week, including adding an events section that will have our demo day list where you can come and trial bikes and bits (including Nzo clothing).


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Phantom Cycles in NSW

The Bike Shed Mortdale in Victoria

For The Riders in QLD


Dean Woods Direct

DH Direct

for bike racks & frame painting you've got Grip Sport

The first three on the list I would rate as my top three. I'm sure there are more sites I've missed. Torpedo 7 is a good one as well but they are based in New Zeland.

Farkin & Ebay are your best friends when it comes to buying used. Also worthwhile keeping an eye on the advertising banners which appear on this site, it's always good to support the stores that support Farkin.

Also don't foget, with the Aussie stores if you can't find what you're looking for on their website, sometime it just pays to pick up the phone and ask. Or email if you're not in a rush for an answer - mind you most of the time I wouldn't say their email responses are lagging at all.

Oh yeah, one more I used to frequent when I first started looking at these things on line:
The Freedom Machine
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The bike shed mortdale is located in Mortdale, which is 15? mins from Sydney.... NSW :D
holy fark. after reading that the bike shed was in victoria, my gut jsut dropped through my ass. cus im im sydney now, and i dont live here, and not knowing my way round, i thort i wasnt going to get to the shop. but thanks for clarifying that for me



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That was true up until this last few months. We now have a full showroom in Melbourne, complete with service centre. We will gradually be stepping across services from NZ to here.
you mean a half full show room ;)... i see plenty of room to add new products too


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you mean a half full show room ;)... i see plenty of room to add new products too
Work in progress (and I could never understand why some bike stores feel the need to be cluttered death traps). There are three slat walls to go in, which will be for the component side of things, a shoe display, plus the addition of our snowboard line... which, yes, means we will be just as cluttered in the end :mad: The best thing is we have 700sqm downstairs that won't be used for a bit, so I am trying to work out the feasibility of our own indoor pump track.


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why do you grind the serial numbers off forks?
I once got a screaming deal on a car with the VIN ground off it. Guy said it had full factory backed warranty, so I bought it!! LOL

Oh, the sarcasm hurts..... actually, now that I think about it, it doesn't.

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