What are you listening to NOW?


Does my arse look big on this saddle?
Special on the radio tonight on a band I wasn’t particularly into but frames a time and place nicely. Take me back to the mosh pit...

Awesome... And scary look into the future, although a few years later than displayed.


pink poodle

Our man in Japan
I don’t know man, it popped up on my youtube recommended and I just had to share it around.
Love his energy. Too much time locked up in quarantine I think.
I watched a few of his vids after you shared this. I was very pleased all round. He makes some really good tunes and destroys with his vocal power

pink poodle

Our man in Japan
I had an 80s metal playlist on while packing up this afternoon (made quick work of the last few customers who tried to ignore my polite "don't forget we close in 5 minutes..."). I got home with a bit of a hunger for more old power chords, so the neighbours are joining me in enjoying anthrax stomp 442.