What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Don't get too close! ha ha
That is as close as I'll get, luckily I live on the opposite side of the peninsula, sadly this germ infested heap has another mate parked up in front of it, the locals are always complaining about them (with good reason). No passengers onboard but crew not allowed off.
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Ha ha... we’ve been Redhill roadside trails of late, and there is a couple of climbs my wife is dead set on doing it on the road. I hate it, it just sucks. Audi/BM/Merc SUV tossers buzzing you, just great, not. It’s the sandy root infected climbs she’s avoiding. Me, I’m loving that. Life is sometimes a.compromise. Hate the road. A lot.


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So did a ‘staying out of the hospital system bike path ride’ down the western salt marsh part of Melbourne.

had resigned myself to bike path but found some sweet little single track in the wetlands.
Theres nothing so sweet as a bit of dirt!!
was a bit sandy in sections and was tricky to ride when your Minions are pumped up to 35psi for the pathway.

There is a hill/lookout with a 100 steps up which I’ve hopped up in the past. I can get up half way and I’m done.
some kid on a Kmart bike just smashed it. Over and over again. That kid will be some rider down the track.
was awesome to see.

Not so awesome was the cyclist that passed me in the opposite direction and barely past absent mindedly spat.

I felt like going full hulk on him but contained my fury.

but besides that small hiccup it was awesome to get out on such an awesome day even amongst all this weird shit going on around us.


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Put a minion dhf on the front, first time with that tyre.. Wow, that’s some serious grip.. Doesn’t roll that great but that’s the trade off I suppose.. Saw plenty of riders and heaps of walkers, which is surprising considering the national park the trails are in is closed..
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