What did you do TO / WITH / FOR your bike today!


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Mr 5 wanted to ride the long way to Kinder, so ride we did. We were a little late, but they didn't mind.

Mr almost 2 had a crack at riding the balance bike today and did a fine job of it. He even dragged it up the hill in our backyard as if he was going to bomb back down. He did not, thank f..k, I'm not ready for that yet.


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Yeah. I'm not going to write off a brand after one bad experience. In fact I used to think it was my fault I got a wobble because I landed sideways off a jump or something (which is maybe a possibility). But since those noob days I've also had multiple new tyres with warp/wobble that I just don't want to buy them any more.
Yeah same. So many Maxxis tyres are just a great time and incredibly versatile, but the wobbles have already seen one mate swear off the brand forever and even if you aren't going to that extreme it doesn't exactly inspire confidence, especially when (as you say) the Goodyears and Scwobbles are totally fine. What other Maxxis quality issues are bubbling away below the surface?


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cleaned the derby mud off of it. Was very strange riding the trails almost to ourselves. The canyon did not enjoy it either with a super slow dropper that was found to have no grease in it and a mystery noisy drivetrain/skipping issue which we were unable to diagnose. Also only getting about 75% of rear travel even after dropping 30 psi out of the Deluxe Select + shock. Despite these minor issues we had a fantastic time and for those travelling down that may make sure to pack a rod and fishing licence as the stocked Rainbow Trout in briesis hole were biting well.


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Have new cassette,chain , brake pads - but these are not ‘worn out ‘ yet - still will be some muddy slop to bash thru over the next month - they’ve had a good run this year .
but touching wood - 5200 kms in an all is well hahaha hexed myself now !


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I’ve just guaranteed my next maxxis will be wobbly AF.
Yo Fred, you'll never believe this! So I heard of this one guy – I think his name was Coorey, or maybe Boorey – but anyways I digress. Rumour has it, he has so many spare Maxxis' he only gets through 4/5ths of a rotation of the wheel before he's ready to swap in a new one. No wonder he's never seen a wobble!