What does your day look like?


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Regular school holiday pub crawl with mates. A Surry Hills sortie this time; Keg & Brew, Sydney Brewery, Royal Albert, Forresters, Excelsior, The Dolphin, The Horse. Good times.
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So why are you doing it now, beating the crowds? I always presumed this was something that you did on the first Tuesday back at school.


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Got me some legzzz:

Picked up a mint used SUP for wifey, she’s stoked:

Looks like this:

Was at North Narrabeen. Drove Wakehurst Parkway. Saw lots of mountain bikers setting out. Does someone here ride a purple Kona 153? Looked awesome even whizzing past at 80 kays...

Still need to get rid of this who wants it? It’s really nice:

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Googlemeister who likes bikes and scandal
Got me some legzzz:

For some reason every time i walk past those legs in Bunnings I feel the urge to make a stupid/needless purchase...I've been thinking about trying to make a polished concrete outdoor table top about 2400 x 900 and I reckon those legs would look ace.

You make that top?

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I am making seat brackets to put the spare racing seat in the XR4 for a passenger. I used parts of the original seat mount for the drivers side but dont have the passenger seat so I am making up two sets from scratch. I am having to work on the driveway since the carport is full of dismembered Patrol comp truck and the garage has the wife's car in it. So as I am usually barefoot around tge house I did not expect to find a broken beer bottle. In the grass. A Great Northern beer bottle. A brand I have never bought. With my right foot. No one else in the house drinks beer. Weird since we are 250m from a road. Anyway hobbling around with many bandaids and a roll of insulation tape holding them and me in place.


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140m abseil anyone?

Was going through old paperwork on the new house that we moved into 6 months ago, and found possibly the greatest spa brochure picture ever.

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It was a massive effort forcing myself to even walk out onto Gordon Dam wall and even more force of will to poke my head over...

No fucking way in hell I’d abseil off it!!! I think it’s the way the top sticks out so far that freaks me out...