What does your day look like?


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Trying to get the young fella to sleep, which he just straight refuses to do, then heading up to the brother inlaws to watch the McGregor fight. Hope he wins, UFC was way more fun when he's winning.

I don't see a whole lot of mention of other sports in here, is there a different sports thread or are most non-sport?
I just saw the whole show. 30 seconds .... I hope you didn't pay to watch that. My opinion of UFC just got a lot worse.


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Nope, didn't pay for it but not really sure how that makes UFC worse? It was always going to be a fight better suited to Conor but Cowboy isn't a walk over. I'm sure Dana would've preferred a three round war too but that first knee caught Cerrone, shoulders broke his nose and headkick rocked him.


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I'm ringing insurance now (so is everyone else), but with bonnet hammered, sun roof cracked, windscreen cracked to shit, roof and most door panels dented.... not sure if its worth repairing.


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Hopefully this is a clean write off. It’s the roof and structural parts of pillars that will kill it. If they “repair” it, there is a shit tonne of painting to be done and I’ll flip it asap afterwards!!!!

Its like the automotive god is trying to tell you something.

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