What's some good, cheap leg armour?


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A small twig sticking out from a shrub left me with a lovely scratch across my leg the other week. Decided since leg armour might be in order, just wonder what is some good low price stuff. I'm just a trail rider, I generally try and avoid the rough stuff.
Find really need high end Fox or Alpinestar gear.

A friend said soccer shin guards are fine but they seem too small.


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How big was the scratch? Did it require stitches? Blood transfusion? Improve your cred on the trail?


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Check out Pro-tec street knee pads. They are solid and very reasonably priced.

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Just big enough to bleed, no stitches, I got off and cried for about 15m until a couple walking their dog stopped and comforted me..
You must have been dehydrated after 15m of crying. Glad you got a hug

If you are going to armour up make sure you get something that is comfortable for the riding you are doing. Trail riding requires lots of pedalling, so prioritise this over ultimate protection. It won’t won’t protect you if it is sitting in your cupboard at home because it is to hot, to restrictive etc


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Scratches are part of the fun, they make you tough , I should know, I have had a thousand.
Long pants, long thin stretchy stuff or flexible light knee./shin guards eg G form.
if you live somewhere hot just cope w scratches.

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A friend said soccer shin guards are fine but they seem too small.
They also appear to be 1/3 of the price and don't have the jacked up bike tax attached to it. There is plenty of variety for soccer shin pads and unless little kids will snigger if you don't have 'Fox' or 'Alpinestars' logos on your pads then it has to be an option.


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I have a set of XL fox launch knee/shin guards. They’re 2 years old and in pretty good knick... I wore them 5-10 times and realised they didn’t fit too good so bought some IXS.

If XL is your jam I’d let them go for $30...