Who rides alone ?


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Solo rider here too for the most part.

I’m almost always on well used trails so pretty sure someone else will come along if things get messy.

Few years back I had to take evasive action around a hiker (on a mtb trail) on a fast rocky section towards the end of the loop. The new line didn’t agree with my front wheel and I had a little roll around in the rock garden. Smashed my left hand side pretty bad, fractured ankle/ elbow and ribs, all down one side. Walked out to the trailhead and sat down for a bit and another hiker was concerned enough to call an ambulance (though they initially dialled 911). I remember, sitting there waiting for the ambulance, the biggest thing going through my head was what am I going to do with the bike. Ambulance wouldn’t take it but all worked out, a Parks guy offered to look after it for me and I shouted him the taxi fare to drop it back the next day. Lucky.

So, as with most things, risk yourself riding alone if you want, but for fark’s sake please think about the bike.


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I ride solo most of the time or with my wife once each week. I was riding regularly with a fee guys and they get all serious for 6 months and then disappear for 3 months. I’ve tried organising group rides but I get little or no interest. Some that I have ridden with are plain hard work... trying to get conversation is like pulling teeth. It’s a relief when the ride ends! Despite what people say, many riders aren’t too accomodating of outsiders; at least that’s my experience.


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Excluding commuting, I probably ride solo 50% of the time.

I find I ride more conservatively without buddies to challenge and egg me on. Most trails I ride are fairly high traffic during the times I ride, but sometimes I might take a mental day off and go ride something out there with barely any people. Those days I make sure to bring enough food, snake and basic bandage kit, phone and printout of the map. Worst case is I have to dial my way out.


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solo, 10:30pm till midnight is my preferred time. knocked myself out once after a big OTB and woke up cold. getting fat on the couch in the long run is worse.

OTB at night is the most disorientating thing I've ever experienced, worse then scuba diving in a dark shipwreck at 30-40 meters. You completely loose track of the ground's position in the dark when going OTB and are bracing for the impact coming from one direction and it isn't.

I'll never give up the single track at night under lights as fast as you dare. its a huge adrenaline rush
Out if interest, what are the subscription costs for these in Australia to get the satellite service, messaging etc. ?
There was a one off activation fee of $26 and the monthly subscription fee is $18 for the safety plan. I'm not interested in the tracking features and don't even have it turned on when I'm out, it's only there for those "shit has hit the fan" or "running late but don't worry" scenarios. In all honesty I doubt that I'll ever use it but I've never had to use my life insurance policy before either and pay a lot more every year for that.
10:30pm till midnight is my preferred time.
getting fat on the couch in the long run is worse.
OTB at night is the most disorientating thing I've ever experienced
also this
I'll never give up the single track at night under lights as fast as you dare. its a huge adrenaline rush
but mainly this. I'm just fortunate to have found a couple of like-minded mates which makes this
the quality of post ride banter at the nearest pub cannot be underestimated.
a little less awkward.

PINT of Stella. mate!

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I'm Billy-No-Mates more often than not. As much as I love the banter on group rides, I'm not going to pass up an opportunity to get out just because everyone else is at work or looking after the kids.
That goes double for away trips. I don't think my riding crew have ever managed to organise anything more exotic than a weekend at the Otway Odyssey. Overseas riding trips have always been a solo endeavour although where possible I'll usually try and get on an organised tour or shuttle runs at least.

As for the safety aspect, riding solo is probably fairly low on the chart considering the daft shit I usually get up to when let loose on the world!

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The freedom and solitude of solo rides is great. People are overrated.

I do like group rides but it always harder to organise, plus there is the risk of someone that has to take on a biggish maintenance project in the carpark to fix some damn thing that could have been done before.


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I nearly always ride alone. I usually get off work and home before everyone else to I head straight out (like today). It does worry me a bit so I use the beacon on Strava and send it to the missus.
I got a call from a mate who came off and needed a lift one day. Nothing serious, just a few grazes but he had no recollection of the stack or even where it happened. He then messaged me five minutes later to ask if he had just called me and what was happening. I raced over there and took him to the hospital. There wasn't a mark on the helmet but they gave him a scan anyway and he got the all clear.
It got me thinking because I was only able to find him because I know the trail, but all most anyone else would have had trouble working out where he was and if things were really bad then something like the beacon could be valuable. There might be cheaper apps out there than the beacon that comes with the Strava subscription but worth the money for the peace if mind.

And his bike was ok. :)


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I ride a fair bit solo, mainly short rides and I tend to steer clear of more difficult trails. I do like it as I can ride and rest at my own pace.

Last year I did about half my rides solo as I was riding at stupid o'clock before work.

This year my work and family routine is allowing me more time to join social rides.

I don't take any extra precautions but did turn the on the Hey Siri function on my phone after hearing about this
Teenager uses Siri after motorbike crash – ‘I would have been stuffed without it’


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basically this forum exists because we all have no friends and need an avenue to spew out bike talk after our solo rides. the dog can only take so much.
Riding buddies are hard to coordinate depending on life circumstances. Even at my peak 'ok lets go now' responsibility free life, it was hit and miss at best.


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only time I ever am not alone when riding is XCM events which I haven't done in a while. then again its mostly well populated trails and I am not the most adventurous rider. Only time I had an issue was a simple flat on the oaks. Was about 40 degrees on a weekday, had a spare tube and a puncture kit, pump decided to not work. Was a long hot walk out and didn't see anyone. got home and quit my job the same day after a lot of thinking time on the walk


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I think people worry too much, probably got more chance of dying on the toilet alone from a heart attack.


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I think people worry too much, probably got more chance of dying on the toilet alone from a heart attack.
Thats a simple statistical error.

The death rate on toilets figure is for the whole population including Kfc munching lard assess. If you looked at the subset of the population who are reasonably fit and healthy, and cyclists mostly fit into that category, heart disease is rarer and you're more likely to die from accident trauma or cancer.

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