Wildside Questions and tips ?


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I'm going in my first Wildside next year, looking forward to it but I'm also apprehensive that my planning will be sufficient. I have a few questions now, but I'm sure I will have more as the event comes closer, so I thought I would list them all in this thread.

Powerade, is it available to buy at each stage end ? or would I have to bring my own 4 day supply along in a bag ?

I'm going the Travel Support Option 1 - Some people have told me that this will suck as access to my day bag will be limited. I have emailed them (Wildside) and it seems I will have access to the day bag at lunch stops and they say this will be all I need. Have you used the support option and what's your opinion ?

I'm open to any tips or hints for preparation, packing, race day etc that you can give :)



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Take your own powder. You might be too knackered to try and hunt down Powerade.

Option 1 was great, access to a bag (small backpack) at lunch. Not all your stuff remember, just a lunch bag.

Full cable housing is the go. Do lots of Ks now as you'll enjoy the race more.


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Wildside is an excellent, if unique, event when it comes to preparation.

Lunch catering is top notch! But I think you'll only get water at lunch. It's a good idea to take Powerade (or similar) powder to get you through.

It's going to be muddy and wet, even if it's dry. Pack spare lube, a gunk brush and a rag for yoru bike/drivetrain - and a towel for you in your day bag. You can usually get hosed off somewhere. Take lots of spare socks and knicks - and/or be prepared to do some handwashing each evening.

Ridingwise, you'll flog yourself for a bit (or a lot) over an hour in each stage - then get a long or short cruise stage...which you will also have to get through - just at lower output. So be prepared for that, if your preparation is going that far.

Gearwise, you and your bike will get wet. Probably very wet. I used a river to wash my bike on one stage in 2004. I also rebuilt my (rooted) forks in a carpark at 6am and recabled my rear derailleur at lunchtime on the same day. Doing it again, I'd run full-length, normal housing on my rear derailleur - and take a spare - that way a change is really easy.

If you're running discs, carry spare pads. If you're running v brakes, take spare pads.

Look forward to the second half of the Montazuma's Fall stage - and the Granville Harbour stage - some of the best bits of riding I've EVER done.

You'll have a ball!