Will i damage my ht riding on road in wet??


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Due to rain on central coast most of the tracks are too wet to ride. Am thinking of using my kona stuff ht to ride on road - got 2.5 kms hill road - in rain.

Will i damage my ht riding in wet? ie hubs etc, - i always clean bike after ride anyway but just wondering if it will damage any components?

ps do know the tyres will wear out faster but not a concern
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Water will get into your bike moreso than if you were riding in the dry but it really isn't that big of a problem, I used to ride in the rain all the time as a kid and my bikes were fine.

I've ridden my bike through a river before and not had problems, you'll be fine.


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Just lube the chain up good......then wipe everything down when you get home. It's only spray, it'd have a hard time penetrating bearing seals and the like.


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Nothing regular service won't sort out. You'll know when your BB and hub start to go, just replace them as needed. MTB's have sealed bearings so unless you're submersing the bike or pressure washing it there isn't much extra wear and tear riding in the rain.


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Thanks for replies , i always relube, wipe seals, chains etc after everyride anyway.

Bit of bummer i resorted to road......darn wet summer but road hill climbing sure beats not riding!!