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Now I guess the question should be is do we jump back into the market straight away or sit on it and see what happens with house prices over the next few years.
If you read enough about the property market and economy in general it’s pretty safe to say there is no good economic news coming out in that sector.. There is no sign of a trigger that will make house prices go back up again in the near future. Every market is different but the banks are not going to start lending irresponsibly again anytime soon.


Not happy, Jan.

I have found the location for the Burners house, easy commute to Derby and St Helens trails and a lazy 101 ha with 500m + of vertical to create our own playground. It's only a 2 bedder at the moment so it's going to need an extension!
Saw that the other day. I love the stark simplicity of the build, but then saw the inside... Some people need to be killed for crimes against decor!

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Another relevant case study:

So Adams spent some time in Melbourne with the Citizens Electoral Council. According to wikipedia the CEC is an affiliate of the LaRouche movement. If you don't know who LaRouche is google him (he did make it into a Simpsons joke one time).:)



Not happy, Jan.
The flouro lighting could be more exposed, and that ceiling could come down another 10cm. You want the room to feel like it's giving you a big hug all the time, from all directions. Space and light is the most overrated idea of the past century!!
Shudder... One day, I will have my cement brutalist house with big open spaces with fuck all in them.