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Eats Squid
Okay, so I'm running the Sydney Marathon this weekend and want to update the ol' MP3 with some new music. I struggled with whether to run with music or not but I figure my biggest challenge is going to be mental. I often do 3-4 hour rides at a high pace, 10-14k runs and I've done a few trail ultras so I think the sheer bordem of looking at pavement for 3:30 - 4hrs is going to be my downfall so music after the 15-20k mark will keep me moving. Any suggestions for some decent tunes would be much appreciated.

Current faves are
Avicii- Levels and Silhouttes. Also like the podcasts.
Calvin Harris & Example- We'll be coming back.
Diplo & Tiesto- C'mon
Tiesto- Agadio for strings
And Calvin Harris did some epic remixes of Florence and the Machine stuff which is rockin my world too.

So you get the idea, dancey stuff with lyrics. Hit me.

Geoff Gump

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You may start cramping violently during this song as you pick up the pace.


Eats Squid
As other people have suggested most Drum'n'Bass or even Drumstep tunes are decent due to their high BPM.
However, for repetitive, long winded exercising (running, long road rides, etc) I prefer trance music as it's still fast paced and energetic although there tends to be most of a constant beat where DnB can have a varying tempo. This way I have a beat to work to although it's not so intense/differing I get lost in the music enjoying it as I do more often with electronic music.


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I listen to nigga beats everytime.

Goes well but its hard to resist the urge to shoot up white people for being white in my hood when out on an XC ride.


Eats Squid
Only very recently discovered Pendulum courtesy of a friends DH vid and I'm pretty sold. Probably not the best for a 20k run but track season is about to start up and I think some Pendulum before any sprint distance would be awesome. Will probably induce some false starts though!


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It's hard not to break out into a run whilst listening to this song.


rb baby

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Slipknots Antenna's too hell album, I just about swung a dumbbell through the lounge room window yesterday morning to that shit !