You laugh you lose

pink poodle

Our man in Japan need to be 10 feet from the the fuck am I supposed to see it? The fucking screen is only 20something centimetres!!!


Did you supply most of the parts for those bikes @moorey? :p
Sourced or provided a few. Built a couple of complete bikes, hunted down many others, lent out more bikes than I can count.....though most of the kids at this gig are 5-10....I spend most of my time adjusting and tweaking their beat up Kmart bikes.
Awesome crew though. We split them into 4 groups: Sprockets, wheel spinners, chain breakers and Eagles. Sprockets is fun and fundamentals, up to Eagles who do a long, fast 60 minute trail ride. Parents used to watch, but now many come along...if they can keep up.
I took wheel spinners tonight. 2km steady climb, rest, then a downhill to the jump park, where they got sick air for 30 minute. I had around 25-30 kids and 15 parents in my group. It’s like hurdling drunk cats.

Have also got many of them coming to DH shuttles on Wednesday night now. We’re hosting a 12yo and under DH race next month. They’re champing at bit to race. :D


The kids have gone nuts for this. Started with about 10 originally, then steadily increased to about 30 last year, then exploded to about 75 this year, with 55-60 there every week, and more inquiries by the day. It only runs over DLS time, so I can look forward to 6 months of ‘when to crits start up again’ from a metric shit ton of kids :)