Zerona/Cell-IQ laser fat loss - Anyone heard of it??


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Hey guys/girls,

My girlfriend went to Fernwood gym last night for a trial where the woman behind the counter has convinced her to try this Cell-IQ (known as Zerona in USA) which is supposed to be a 'low level laser' which somehow disrupts fat cells and releases the fat to be used as energy (or something along those lines). So it's basically a bunch of pads hooked up to a machine, you put the pads on your body where you wish to 'disrupt' the fat, leave them to do their thing for 40mins and then you follow it up with 30mins of cardio. Repeat as desired for $80 a session.

So obviously I am 100% skeptical, I am certain it's a scam but my girlfriend thinks it's a great idea. She spoke to some people at the gym who say it works instantly. They're claiming that after the 30mins of cardio they had a 1cm loss..

So I've googled it but there isn't that much info on the net about it, and a lot of people say it work while a lot of others say it does not work. I am guessing the only reason you really lose weight is because you are doing 30mins of cardio each session. Also I'm a bit concerned about there being a 'low level laser' sitting on someones body for 40 minutes at a time and there seems to be no research stating whether that's safe or not..

Anyway, has anyone heard of this thing? Does anyone have any insight to this treatment?
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Scam, Looked up the references from their website, x3 were basically unrelated, the other is talking about lasers then liposuction. Nothing to suggest this and exercise will help.

Don't let her waste her money.


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The people she spoke to at the gym are lying scumbags of the highest order.
Lying scumbags is a bit harsh... Gullible dumbasses would be a more fitting title as they probably believe themselves that it actually works.


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I have a fat loss remedy that is almost guaraunteed to be sucessful. It is......

....wait for it....

..a pencil and a piece of paper.

What you do is before you eat you write down what you ate last. It is almost guaranteed that you will eat 30% less kilojoules doing this. The trick is you have to write it down - doing it in your head doesn't work as well.

Keeping a food diary works well too, but I find it difficult to keep it up. Reviewing your last food works just as well.

This is a cheap, easily accessible, reliable and effective option where you don't have to consume expensive faux-pharmaceuticals of dubious quality.


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Yeah food diaries are an awesome thing indeed.

There's no magic sekrit to getting skinny, just like there's no magic sekrit to gettin' fast, just an arse load of hard work.

Run. Run. Run. No fat Kenyans, jus sayin'.


Laser if fairly safe, but that is utter BS....There is no easy road to fat loss.

A calorie deficit + resistance training + light cardio has always worked the best for me.