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    Best time to visit NZ

    I'm often in the bottom end of the North Island around October and it's pretty nice then. I've also been in December and March and both have been great as well. Bit of a lottery weather wise over there.
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    Women, etc.

    Many things but basically I'm just a little bitch who couldn't sack up and have a difficult conversation.
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    Women, etc.

    Funnily enough the last bit of your reply was the kicker. I've missed out on a lot of life because of her.
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    Women, etc.

    Negative. We actually stopped talking a few years after I left that job. I do occasionally wonder what she's up to though.
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    Women, etc.

    Update. It took 6 f**king years but I finally grew a set and did what I said I would. In hindsight life would have been much easier if I'd actually done this back then. Walking away from something after 11 years seems way more difficult.
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    Any Zwifters out there?

    I'm on there a couple of times a week, especially through winter. Moorey is on there pretty regularly as well.
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    JP Weigle's Frame Saver - sold in Australia?

    Digging graves like a boss. People still recommending Frame Saver for treating steel frames or are there easier/better alternatives around these days? Looking to get a Surly Krampus and apparently the frame needs treating.
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    Scotch Drinkers

    Come around to my place one evening Al and I'll teach you all you need to know, plus I've got a large and varied collection for you to try. Mainly Olorosso sherry cask finishes and a couple of PX casks, not a lot of peated stuff but enough for you to taste to get the idea. Copper and Oak do...
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    Trek to move to a direct to market retail platform.

    Ha! The general stupidity on here is too much to bare sometimes. Unfortunately the 2 dozen awesome people on here are drowned out by the endless stream of pre-pubescent tards. I only came on here as I need a new bike because my shiny new Top Fuel won't be here till the end of the year...
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    Trek to move to a direct to market retail platform.

    I'm guessing no one here actually took the time to read the article? Trek dealers everywhere are rejoicing, quite frankly it's f**king fantastic. Dealers will make approximately 80% of the margin they'd make from an in store sale without having to do any of the work. I wish I could sell all...
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    Healing time for damaged internal organs?

    Did the same thing last year, otb landed on bars. Ruptured abdominal wall, internal bleeding, bruised liver, broken ribs, blah blah. Close to 3 weeks before there was no pain and the better part of 6 months before I was 100%. Take the time, rest up, heal properly, come back strong. And with...
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    Large Shark catch and kill order WA.

    14 in 170 years and 6 in two years is one hell of a cluster. . .
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    Large Shark catch and kill order WA. Interesting one here. Seems like a cool plan and could work pretty well on patrolled beaches at least, provided the guards were onto the twitter feed. However one line does sort of explain the mass hysteria surrounding the...
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    Large Shark catch and kill order WA.

    Stats are stats, how can I twist them in my favour? Fair enough, my mining stats were gathered from the internet as I know nothing about mining. I just looked at it because of a protestor sign about mining deaths vs. shark deaths. As for my cherry picking stats starting from Spring 2011 well...
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    Extremely slow web browsing on new laptop... Is there an easy solution?

    Stop watching donkey porn. That will probably fix it.