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    SCOTT 24 hour 2010

    Plenty of camping spots already being set up/roped off. Finished riding around 8:30pm and the team track is looking awesome.
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    Capital Punishment is GO

    I had a ball riding my first 50km event and Antsonline you'd have passed me alog the way. Our 'race' began in the last group of starters, with one of our group in the portaloo and the starters rushing us along so they could pack up the timing mats. So we were well and truly last to start...
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    Man dies when motorized bicycle slams into bus

    Not Quite Rotary bike does a 2-stroke, 197watt engine that is comercially available. In all my research this is the only legal petrol engine I have found.
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    Scott 24hr 2009

    Glad we could help... :)
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    Scott 24hr 2009

    Mascot I suppose you missed our kangaroo on tricycle on the 'evil' climb back to homeview. Can't post the photo, cause I'm a n00b to the forum. A big thanks to all those involved in the race. I jumped on my mountain bike 6 weeks ago and for the first time hit some trails to see if...