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  • Hey Johnny,
    Sorry you copped so much heat over the Santa Cruz frame you are trying to sell.
    I was a little confused by the listing and now can't find it.
    Does it come with any drop outs?
    Fork? Head set? seat clamp? or other bits?
    I'm interested if we can get the details and price right.
    Also where are you located. Melb by chance?
    Feel free to text me

    Kind regards,
    Johnny Fu
    Hey Anthony,

    The mods ended it and removed it because I wrote within his quoted text when I replied?

    It comes with 142 and 148 dropouts. 142 can only run SS, 148 has the hanger. I'll include head set, seat clamp. Fork was a 130mm Revelation, 32mm Stanchion. I'm in CBD if you're interested. I got the pictures if you want to look at m SS build. Let me know.
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