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    VIC EVOC Bike Bag - Brand new - SOLD

    Do you know if I need to remove handlebars to fit a track bike? or can I just turn the bar to the side?
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    ACT Sold

    if I sell my other car in time I would love this. beautiful bike.
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    VIC SOLD Route 7 eva bike case (bike pod)

    on a fixed gear bike with track drops, do i need to remove the handlebars to fit it into this??
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    got any pics?
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    2013 Scott 24hr

    I was too slow to get a photo of me taken lol
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    Sold sold sold

    if these fall through can I take em please? I'm in canberra but will be in Sydney this weekend.
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    VIC KHS Flite 100 Fixed Gear - SOLD

    Why am I not taller :( I'm 5'8 lol. Good luck with the sale. bike looks good
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    VIC Sold!

    I can chuck in extra if you cbf dropping it off at wantirna south :embarassed:
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    VIC Sold!

    I wont be in melb till march :( I want this though :( can you hold on to it till then? I can pop monies into your account. lol an dwhen I get there I'll be in wantirna south so not too far from you
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    SOLD - New - Thule Freeride 532 Racks - $75

    price for both or 1? :) anyway PM sent.. (on BNA)
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    pics please? thanks!
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    Repairing carbon fibre chainstay?

    when i pull the dropouts and the chainstay apart it gets to about this far pushed in and untouched its about this much and this seems to be what was left of what would have been in between. What do you guys think? can I get away with just epoxy? measured both chainstays. both still at...
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    Repairing carbon fibre chainstay?

    its a 2005 jamis dakar xc pro... hold on ill get a bigger pic
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    Repairing carbon fibre chainstay?

    you guys think thats worth repairing? if it cracked mid section I reckon it would have been easy to just overlay it with cf or something but what about if its like this and at the edge where it joins the dropouts? Should I just smother it in epoxy? what do you guys suggest? thanks!!
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    ACT wanted: huffy slider

    hey all, after a huffy slider in either ACT or Syd as i'm driving down to sydney this weekend. new/used doesn't matter so long as it all works. :D please PM me thank you!