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    Douche Listing of the Day - Post them here.

    When you see a colleague from work cited here. #thatsawkward.
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    Fritz the trail dog

    I'm interested to know what GPS and tracking gear you use for Fritz. I have a new pooch who's showing promise, but he does range around a little more than I'd like off trail.
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    You know you're getting old when ...

    I'm a nurse and one day at work I realised that in the last fortnight I had met three competitive cyclists who had crashed. Injuries varied, but all had significant fractures. All went home eventually. All were over 50. The oldest was... wait for it... >80 years old. Lottery greatness is...
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    New bike, frame protection?

    I cheaped out and bought a 600x300mm piece of bonnet protector material from Autobarn. The freight alone for the UK kit was going to run into silly money. It took quite a bit of doing to make up patterns and fit it, but it will do the job. Part of the decision was that nobody makes a kit for...
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    New bike, frame protection?

    I'll bite my tongue then! The hassle for me is that good XL/XXL bikes are few and far between. I've been hovering for more than a year, trying to decide between the more XC based bikes and something a little more suited to bumpy downhill stuff. It was between this and or an Anthem 29er and I...
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    New bike, frame protection?

    Hi all. I've spoiled myself during Trekfest and a new dual suspension trail bike is coming to join me shortly. It's the first new bike in more than 20 years, and I would like to keep it in good order. What are your experiences with paint protection skins? Bike is an XXL Trek Fuel EX8.
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    2003 GT Avalanche 3.0

    Where did you buy those levers?
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    Project Car / Motorbike thread. Let's see 'em.

    I rebuilt the engine in my Disco and installed something similar to allow installation of a secondary oil pressure and oil temp sender. It worked insofar as I could install both, but was only oil tight for the first couple of thousand KM. As soon as I started changing filters, the slightest...
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    How old is your rig??

    Grand Daddy 22" GT Avalanche from 1998. Original spec other than Avid v-brakes fitted when bought new to replace the ordinary STX-RC set. Still going strong after 16 years but I would love something more up to date. I'll get to that once I have found my fitness again.
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    Thread for CLYDESDALE/ TALL riders

    I thought about it but then again the Nettis lasted 20 years! I'll give it some thought out on the bike this morning. It's about 6° outside so need something to keep my mind occupied.
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    Thread for CLYDESDALE/ TALL riders

    Not sure where the best place to post good deals spotted would be, but I found one today which is relevant to this readers in this thread. My ancient Netti touring shoes no longer fit me - strange how feet keep growing! Earlier in the week I was sniffing around to see what's available in BIG...
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    Thread for CLYDESDALE/ TALL riders

    Hello all. New member on the site who has recently started cycling again after dusting off my old GT Avalanche. I'm a fair bit lighter than I was 15 years ago when I bought the bike (79kg instead of 95kg) but no shorter at 198cm. I thought it was appropriate that my first post be here...