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    Single speed commuter build project

    i dunno how to work that out, but do you think it would be close to 42-16? thats what im runnning on my fixie, its a good gear choice, works well.
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    Gary Fisher X-Caliber

    hey, i own a paragon, not long bought it.. i sold my trance x for it. can i say, it totally ROCKS!! i have had the chance to ride a few other brands of 29ers, and i can seriously say that the gf kicks ass over the other brands. the geo is spot on, off set forks short rear stays...the bike...
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    Single speed commuter build project

    that looks top mate! that stripper did one hell of a job!(haha stripper) but nah thats nice, what gearing are you using?, and are you getting much flex outta the token cranks?