2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships


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Is there any chance of a .gpx or something similar put up of the course before the event?
I'm not sure if there is anything formal in place, but I'm sure if you post when you arrive all us Canberra locals would be happy for you to tag along if we're riding at Stromlo or around town.
WSC rider list?

Is there any chance a rider list for the WSC race will be posted soon like there is for the Scott 24hr? With the race sold out and only 2 weeks away it would be nice to see. Thanks.

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Theres a couple of big international names in there! This should be epic! Tony Hogg could be a real danger man, especially if he can maintain his blistering pace this time round. I deliberately entered in a team of 6 so I could spend more time watching you guys tear it up! Give 'em hell;)


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Are you sure, I didnt think it looked like it undulated that much on the profile?

In any case, plenty of climbing - bring your legs

Incredible, its tough picking the categories where Aussies won't sweep the podium... a little disappointing that after so many Aussies travelled to US/CAN so few are coming back - perhaps a symptom of the not insifgnificant economic uncertainty in North America at present? The Brits seem well represented for a country that only just had its first solo only race.

Well, we know what categories everyone is in, time to place your bets!
I hope the sweep is still on for the Elite mens, all that climbing and smooth skyline/luge descent must have Tony Hogg (NZ) licking his lips!
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Just looked at the Elite Men list. Where are the Yanks? There's not a one!
no visas for usa endurance men as per ministry for endurance :)

very poor international list, guess english and co scared them into staying home.

where is the seeding? did i miss something? with start list known two weeks out from the race? scratches head and walks away....

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very poor international list, guess english and co scared them into staying home.
Actually, the % of non-Australian riders is about the same as the % of non-North-American riders when it is held in USA/Canada.

We actually have a pretty reasonable international field (of 73) especially when you consider that the total field for the 2009 world champs was 112.

The max Aussie contingent in Canada was 26 in 2008, (and 18 last year).

where is the seeding?
I'm onto it ...