2010 World Solo 24 Hour Championships


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Are they finally installing the long-rumoured chairlift so that riders can ride back down a-ways after getting to the top? :p
I'm sure Jeebus is hoping so. It'll probably be quicker for him from what I hear



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Do we have to run at the start? Just wondering if I should plan some run training in to my desperate week before training program...


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Jase, I think I read there would be a 2km run..... dont take my word though, wait for Russ to supply a correct answer. At a guess I would think you dont need to bother, surely you can run if required. I would proudly carry you if that helps :cool: Im not fast though.

Ive been out riding the lap the last few days, and it is an EPIC journey. The back roads are going to be good for you all as you overtake me, plenty of room. I cant decide if I like it or not... but then, I should just stop thinking and pedal, right?

BUT - So as you cant say I didn't mention it.....Pork Barrell is going to be a bone breaker after midnight if they dont get the shovels out. I know its "the world's" but crikey, it is a death trap.

Getting excited now :)

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Yep it gets cold up on the hills. My first experience at a 24 in Canberra (supporting not riding) involved frozen water bottles. I'd recommend a few animal skins to keep you warm.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frozen water bottles? errr, the old QLD blood is going to turn solid me thinks. maby a liberal coating on tiger balm to the skin will sort things out...

REDRACER: i recomend zip tieing wooden planks to the feet and running up and down the road too simulate running in riding shoes.