2019 World Cup discussion.


Every person has a limit. Maybe Troy is at his?
In interviews, he said he was told that someone his size could never reach the top. I disagree, but maybe he’ll get there by not always being on the top step, but always riding 100%, and getting through clean.
I definitely don’t think he leaves anything in the tank.


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Claudio is a cock though #agreed? He tapped out of DH 2007. At least Warner knows he has nothing in common with current racers...


Claudio is a cock though #agreed?
Fucking Vegans :rolleyes:

Don’t get me wrong, he’s done a lot for the sport as a trail builder, racer, team manager etc, I just aren’t a big fan of his commentary and some of the opinions he spouts.
I think he was worse when he was the Scott team manager, and almost treated the RedBull gig as personal promotion.
Greg would be a killer co-host...but he’s got riding still in him...in the meantime, Cathro should step in.