2019 World Cup discussion.


Every person has a limit. Maybe Troy is at his?
In interviews, he said he was told that someone his size could never reach the top. I disagree, but maybe he’ll get there by not always being on the top step, but always riding 100%, and getting through clean.
I definitely don’t think he leaves anything in the tank.


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Claudio is a cock though #agreed? He tapped out of DH 2007. At least Warner knows he has nothing in common with current racers...


Claudio is a cock though #agreed?
Fucking Vegans :rolleyes:

Don’t get me wrong, he’s done a lot for the sport as a trail builder, racer, team manager etc, I just aren’t a big fan of his commentary and some of the opinions he spouts.
I think he was worse when he was the Scott team manager, and almost treated the RedBull gig as personal promotion.
Greg would be a killer co-host...but he’s got riding still in him...in the meantime, Cathro should step in.


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Re Commentary: Did you pickup the comment from Claudio re Troy and his consistency ... to paraphrase ... Troy is very consistent because he doesn’t risk it all ... what do you think about that observation???
Claudio is a fuckwit, beats me how he gets a seat at that table. And him offering any comment on Troy's ability to ALWAYS be in the top ten is laughable. On the marketing side, Troy's constant placing sells bikes and parts. On a performance front, he is in a rare group of Gents that can haul arse every run and be at the front without getting one win and fading away in fear of death. There's probably a handful of guys ever in downhill with his ability and he ain't done, he's awesome.


Fully agreed. I’ve often said he will be one of the greatest riders to never win a champs or

I’m starting to think I’m going to be proven wrong. I can genuinely see him taking either or both. Such a complete rider on any track.


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Sam Hill has shown in the past few years that winning every race is irrelevant if you are always thereabout.

There is a real good chance Troy could nab the overall this year, his riding is absolutely professional.
A lot of the young guys are still running the 'checkers or wreckers' mentality and with Gwin having a season to forget, this could be Troy's year.

Gwin has also used this approach very succesfully


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Check out the lengths (no pun intended) that Greg Minnaar goes to for the perfect handling setup:

From here:

Oh, and the Bulldog @5m00s - holy shit.
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See Minnaar's run? The track looks interesting.
Don't think I'd manage very well on that....

It almost looks like he just rode down the side of a mountain...

So is it true we won’t see the first 2 minutes of each run during the race because there are no cameras on the top section of the track?


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Quallies, I see Tracey was up by a bit until the last split......
Troy second by 8.33 cms........


Quite the time difference between the first 20-odd qualifiers for the women’s. It must be a pretty brutal track for the ladies for some reason.


Quite the time difference between the first 20-odd qualifiers for the women’s. It must be a pretty brutal track for the ladies for some reason.
More a reflection of the lack of current depth there’s 1/2 dozen with a realistic shot a podium any given race, and still a big difference in those.
Troy off by 0.01. GO son!