2019 Yeti's


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So Yeti are rolling out the "waterbottle inside the front triangle" designes onto the range. Here are the SB130 and SB150, the repalcements for the 4.5 and 5.5 models previously in the lineup.
Seat Tubes sit at 77° and with HA of 65° and 64° as well.

Personally, not a fan of the downtube bend, reminiscent of the Polygon Xquare One's where it terminates and bends WELL forward of the bottom bracket. The SB150 looks a bit like a gross Firebird as well.


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I'm struggling to give two shits. Yeah it's an improvement, but they will still be overpriced maintenance pigs that tend to crack a lot. Until they do something those other problems bottle cage placement is likely to make zero difference to my purchase decision.

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Mr Crudley

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It's fugly, saved all of that room without a front derailleur and now awkwardly bumped the size up again for a bidon.
Also that shade of blue is not as cool as the Yeti turquoise.

On the plus side, still prettier than the San Andreas V2.0 which would make a blind man cringe.


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But they said they wouldn’t do this design on longer travel frames .... bwahahahaaaaa!!!!

The Yeti promotion team are a bunch of cnuts.


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Visually, the top one looks fantastic. Beautiful lines and angles...but yeti.


I'm full, couldn't eat another dick
I’m just talking angles, like I said. I believe I’ve been very vocal for years about my thoughts on Yetis.
Not into curved tubing, and the seat stay/top tube line is pretty. Only work on that size frame though.