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Discussion in 'XC / cross country' started by leftieant, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. leftieant

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    Hi folks

    Forgive me if this has already been done, I thought it was time for a 29er specific tyre thread.

    Manufacturers are slowly coming on board, but there are still relatively few 29er tyres available, and even less if you're looking for a tubeless option.

    Bodin has gotten the ball rolling with his 2-Bliss thread (http://www.rotorburn.com/forums/showthread.php?214013-Specialized-2Bliss-29er-tyres...), and there's plenty of other gems out there as well.
  2. leftieant

    leftieant Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Can I get the ball rolling with a question:

    Has anyone tried the Geax TNT tyres (Saguaro in particular) as a 29er tubeless option?

    Any comment on them as a tyre? I've not ridden on them, and I am not the lightest or smoothest rider. My gut feel is that they look grippier than a Crossmark, but may not be aggressive enough for my comfort in using them as a front tyre option (typcially run either Ignitor, Rendez, and Larsens in the past)

    The TNT aspect appeals to me as I've had mixed success in converting Maxxis folding beads to tubeless (ok on Ignitor and Ardent, no joy with Crossmark as yet, need a bigger compressor)
  3. Zyphryss

    Zyphryss Breaker of the unbreakable

    Running a pair of Gear Saguaro's 29x2.2 w/ tubes.

    Flawless IMO!
  4. leftieant

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  5. C Dunlop

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  6. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert

    great but painful

    Used the TNT version on flows and it was murder to get them on. The standard version sealed tubeless easily first up but not anymore. They seemed to stretch a bit and now they are alittle warped.
    Great allround tyre with lots of grip, big bag and above average rollers.
  7. workmx

    workmx Banned

    Have tried Nevegals, Race Kings and CST Critters (http://www.rotorburn.com/forums/showthread.php?214630-Well-done-CST...) so far... all of them are good.

    The bag of the Nevegals is great, but I prefer the low knobs of the Race Kings (and the price of the CSTs)... anything like that out there...???

    The AKAs look good... might try them.
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  8. ozzybmx

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    Im going to get a couple of the new Maxxis IKON 29's to try as rears , the look similar but a bit beefier than SB8's so should be good on our loose over hardpack.
  9. abevern

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    +1 Geax

    I ran a non-TNT Saguaro on the rear of my full suspension bike, ghetto-tubeless for over 1000km. Worked really well in a majority of conditions, from sandstone to Capital Punishment mudfest. Currently running it on the front of my hardtail, but I think I preferred it more as a rear tyre (i.e. I lack the skill to run a worn, fast rolling tyre on the front of a hardtail.)

    The TNT version is a completely different tyre to look at (sidewall feels seriously tough) but weighs around 200g more. I had one, but ended up selling it before I used it.

    Would not hesitate to run one again, but I wouldn't bother with the TNT casing for my usage.
  10. DW-1

    DW-1 Dirt Works

    I'd been running Bontragers since I built my El Mariachi LE a few years ago.

    Every ride resulted in (at least) one pinch flat.

    I'm now on WTB Weirwolf LT (2.55 for my fat ass). Which I bought from Mal-Adjusted.


    Cush, traction, and they dealt with rocky, shale infected chutes on the full rigid Salsa with ease.

    I want me another set.

  11. ray

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    I know tyres are mainly a personal preference, I've got Kenda Small block 8's on my Reign 0, and will be getting them for my Air9....love 'em, hook up really well in corners, roll pretty well, i'm a lardy and don't like rear tyres moving around much and find the side walls on these really stiff.


  12. MountGower

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    Your post highlights a real problem out there with tyre selection. People look at a tyre tread, decide based on nothing worthwhile that it's no good and then decide it's their place to bad mouth it from one end of the net to the other.

    People then read it and denying themselves a great tyre, believe the crap. I work with a bloke who rides a Giant Trance with Small Block 8s. Even on slightly loose over hard single trails (ie Bunya, Brisbane) he is a speed machine. A lot of people wouldn't believe you are running them on a Reign.

    I get the same BS from people regarding my WTB Nano Raptors. A magnificent tyre front and rear for our fire and single trails in Brisbane with outstanding grip and speed. I used them for 9 years and loved every corner I ever rode them through.

    Just for a change I just aired up a pair of Saguaros and I have to say that they are brilliant front and rear tyres.

    So keep enjoying your dodgy looking tread pattern. If everyone else wants to push some tractor tyre around, hopefully they'll at least be kind enough to get out of your way.
  13. aaron01

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    big fan of Small Block 8s, 9/10th due to the LBS only seems to keep them in stock, have also had a lot of luck with the SM8 rear end paired to an ignitor front just to give a little more traction in the looser stuff.
  14. Hugor

    Hugor Likes Dirt

    Totally agree with your opinion of the Weirwolfs. Came standard with my El Mariachi.
    They're a bit on the heavy side, but they grip so well on the loose gravel and hardpack that I mainly rode them on.
    I'd love a set on my RIP but I'm not sure if there is enough clearance or if they'll seal tubelessly on my Stans rims.

    I've been running standard Ignitors and Crossmarks tubelessly for 2 years now and think its an excellent grippy and light tyre combination. They hold pressure on my Stans rims like tubed tyres even after months of non use.
  15. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert


    What was Ray saying that was negative in any way. I just dont see the reason for your post. Perhaps l am missing something but doesnt he say that he loves the tyre and going to put them on his Air.
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  16. leftieant

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    I think it's pretty clear that there is no such thing as the 'perfect' tyre. Different tyres suit different riding styles, different rider weights, different bike setups, different suspension setups, and of course different riding conditions.

    I suppose if we were going to get scientific with this thread, we'd be collecting this data so it is clear that everyone's observations has a pretty clear caveat.
  17. Ba55

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    +1 on the WTB Weirwolf LTs, great tyre for rigid riding, traction is great, reasonably light, and as plush as you can get on a rigid and no pinch flats (yet fingers crossed).
  18. MountGower

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    John Desmarchelier wrote:
    I don't know. Did someone imply he was saying something negative? It's absolutely obvious that I am supporting him in his tyre choice. Could I have been clearer in that?

    The point of my post is the most likely thing.

    Yes, I believe he does say that.

    Obnoxious "crap" on your part and beneath contempt, let alone a response.

    Hooray, a pissing contest. Is this where I say I have convinced >3 people to use them?

    Some salvageability there and the point of my post in the first place, which I would have though was made with sufficient clarity..

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  19. Big JD

    Big JD Wheel size expert

    sorry MountGower


    I did completely miss the point of your post. I thought you were having a go at Ray. I have re read it many times and l apologise for being an obnoxious git and posting while under a state of mis interpretation.

    I am sorry



    P.S Without Pissing - I do believe there are a number of tyres out there that out perform the Nano and personally found them to be very vague and not consistent (but fast)- like Saguaros, Racing Ralph's, Crossmarks, SB 8, Renegades, Fast tracks, other WTB tyres. If you are looking for a fast tyre (particularly on the rear) then any of the above mentioned (Nano included) are a great choice. For me l look at strength (side walls) , big bag and seal-ability but there is another post going for Tubeless 29er Tyres. Because l am a big bloke and run wide Flow rims - l seal everything (no tubes) and run around 40 PSI especially in the rear. Wish l could run lower pressures but tyres roll / burp under impact or heavy load.
  20. MountGower

    MountGower Likes Dirt

    G'day John

    I appreciate your well articulated response and agree that tyres are a very personal thing. I also appologise if I bit back a little hard there.

    Please feel free to contact me if you ever need a guide up here. It would be my pleasure to show you around. I'm also running above my ideal weight at the moment and can't see myself giving up the Flows, even upon my return. There's just something about looking down at that wide rim and knowing it's there coming in to every corner.

    That leads me to another point. Tyres choice is very much about the effect it has on your mind. Indecision will put you on the wrong line and on ice where a tractor tyre won't help.

    Have a good weekend. It's almost here.

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