Best T.V show ever!!!

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Seinfeld. End of story.

Name me another show with its longevity that was as consistently well written? I don't think you'll find one. The amount of money that show has made and the amount they were getting paid, which even by todays figures were massive, is a testament to its success. They sold advertising on it for over 1mill a minute, that's second only to the superbowl.

Personal opinion of course.

Edit: Wilfred, are you kidding me? We are talking about the best show of all time....
I testify, the money was good!


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If we're dragging this thread back up I wish to add Game of thrones. Season 1 was awesome. Season 2 is diverting from the books a bit more but still the best thing on TV


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But I don't recall Walt ever using an M-60? Third Season, Walter White First Blood Part 2? It's obviously the new must have accessory for any respectable meth dealer.

Back on track, already waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. Interesting finale to season 2.


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Just started watching Arrested Development. Such a good show! It's something different with the narration, but it works so well, the actors are so believable and the humour is brilliant.

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I've started watching the first season of Homeland. It's not too bad, pretty interesting stuff and slowly drawing me in I guess (completely the wrong time to start a new series with all these exams, but meh).


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"Life's Too Short" - The latest series by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Absolute genius! Like a combination of "The Office" and "Extras". Warrick Davis is a comedy sensation.


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Really enjoying It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Workaholics at the moment. There's so much quality TV around these days that I'm finding movies to be obsolete


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True Blood season 5 is upon us - just about to watch ep2. Americans are so generous the way they record their TV, encode it perfectly and then make it available for download 24 hours a day. That's taking altruism to another level! Me, I'm just a taker...


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I'm in the process of wading through all of the Wire and Breaking Bad at the same time. Both are every bit as good as everyone says, makes it difficult to pick which show to watch the next episode of next.


Game of thrones /thread
seems like anything thats on HBO and the like are always pretty good...have watched all seasons of THE WIRE - great (although had to put the subtitles on for some of the dialogue!) - the U.S version of The Killing was also amazing TV, Breaking Bad is one intense ride, if you think Game of Thrones is cool then read the BOOKS !! the show is top but the books are just so much more....if you see Generation Kill on DVD- check it out...and for a laugh..Dead Bored onABC is pretty funny