Can America be fixed?

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Ha...ha. Wrong thread! Oooops on me...still dickumentary isn't the kind of dick films I watch
Dick Tracy however, starring Dustin Hoffman? Hell yes!

Even people who are not residents?
Jump on line. USD45 for a year and you get a free gift and magazine subscription. All countries catered for.

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Well that is a bit unexpected. I wouldn't have thought they would branch out so much. Do they offer much advocacy for members outside USA? Or affiliate organisations?

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I like this guy ... but his videos get me depressed at times.
How close is Australia to what he is describing ... we follow the US more so than the Uk IMO.

I always thought the US had a lower average hourly rate then Australia ... a quick google has Australia at 18.93 ... and the us at 27.16 ... not clear what years this data is. 27 Jun 18 is the publish date for the AUD. Sep 2018 for the USD.


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From here:

In the United States, wages are benchmarked using average hourly earnings. Data relate to production employees in mining and logging and manufacturing, construction employees in construction, and nonsupervisory employees in the service-providing industries. These groups account for approximately four-fifths of the total employment on private nonfarm payrolls.
Does this mean they exclude wage figures from a fifth of the working population?

That Straya rate is minimum wage.

I'll watch the video tonight.

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Reich's videos are great - accessible, informative, good presentation blend, bright, and impacting messages that stick. He is a well honed communicator. Only reason he isn't getting more views/traction or whatever the phrase is that I can figure is that his hair is the wrong colour...

The national employment standards are a good guideline for working conditions in Australia. They don't cover everybody, but it's a good spot to start understanding how our workplaces are supposed to operate. There's a link to award wages + conditions at the bottom of the page as well.