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just a tech question for all you E-comrades out there
What sort of life are you getting out of a chain
I have SCAM GX Eagle 12 speed on my Giant Trance E+ and broke a chain this arvo, bike has only a little over 200km on it, but Im a big bloke that likes to push pretty hard.
do you think this could be related to premature wear due to SRAM
shit components (SCAM Eagle)
failure due to overstress on the chain
or just worn out due to Ebyk duties (steep climbs etc)
do I jump ship to Box Components 9speed Ebike specific drivetrain? or just get a better chain

Mr Crudley

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not usually, I back off and punch the shifter
unless Im racing cars along the side of the highway...oops! :(
Fair enough, I personally think that is one of the bigger culprits to chain snappage.
I'd think an Ebike with SRAM 12 speed has to be one of the more demanding loads for a drivetrain to carry.

Could the LBS you brought it from help in case there could be something a little bit out of alignment?


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Try and work out what it actually broke from, push a few pins out and see if they're overly worn, check how much chain stretch. A bloke that I know was getting cheap chains and replacing them every 700kms e-bike rider about 110kg 10 speed drive train. 9 speed drive chains seem to last longer from my experience so you might be onto something there but I've never tried anything other than 9 shimano xt & Xtr chains.

That's what you get for buying an e bike. :)



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E-comrades out there
Giant Trance E+ and broke a chain this arvo
bike has only a little over 200km on it
Im a big bloke that likes to push pretty hard.
failure due to overstress on the chain
or just worn out due to Ebyk duties (changing gear under load)
I cringe when I hear ebikers going through the gears.... even my missus on a similar Giant to yours, with the Yamaha Sync-Drive pro motor, this is still loaded up for about 1 second after stopping pedalling completely. I have a spare chain for her here but she hasn't needed it yet (due to lack of use)

Chains don't stretch as such, the pins wear due to things like grit and mud... you know best BUT I would put my cash on a broken plate caused by loaded shifting, not necessarily just when it broke, a plate can break and hold for a while.


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I’m about the same as you +- 5kg , not really a stomper on the pedals .
Chain lasted 1700 kms - but needed a new cluster also ....
Have the Bosch so ride mostly in e-mtb ( tour mode ) spinning the middle cogs 3-8 .
Next chain will change early .
I keep it clean and lube with waxy stuff every 100km - 2 rides .
Will admit the shifting performance and jumping out of gear is what got me to change - didn’t break .
Shimano chain xt .


Eats Squid
what chain lube do you recommend?
I have been running a few different ones, but the white lightning seems ok
tried a bottle of R&R that someone gave me, messy as fcuk and hard to apply correctly!
New chain was $55, and now have spare link and a shitload of spare chain....have spares in trailbag now!:rolleyes:


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Probably not the bloke to speak to if you want to get chain savvy.... I have been using Squirt lube for over 10 years.

I buy cheap chains (SRAM + KMC) and going on the cost per 1000km, I'm on the button with SRAM 1110 chains (the bottom grade 11spd sram chains)

Recently I've been on KMC because of the geoblock.

All I can say is, Squirt lube is great chain lube for every situation I have came across in Oz, there are many others that may be similar or better, but I'm sticking to what I know.

I swap out chains when they get to 0.75. Cassettes last me for years...