COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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bring all the booze you have,, its a long drive but we will spray you down on entry and give you a coffee enema

ohh shit ...borders are closed


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Yep this is so insane.
My job is essential so I have to work on a floor with 100 others breathing in their coughs and sneezes.
My kid has to go to school with hundreds of other boogery kids.
When i need groceries I go to the supermarket with dozens of others who are touching and coughing and sneezing on everything.
But I can't ride my bike, by myself in an open space.

I get social distancing but riding my mtb bike is the only time I get to actually do that.


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with panko crumbs? you may want to skin and gut them also, before shoving them in the deep fryer ;)
If @hifiandmtb and I team up we can make rabbrat roasts and given the butchers are bare we could be into a pandemic economic surprise story. Similar to a turducken, stuff a rat into a rabbit and roast that bad boy to perfection. Nummies.

Any ideas what could be stuffed into the rat to make it a threesome?

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But some experts say drastic action could see the end come much sooner than we expect.

Bugger me I hope so.

Day 1 back at work after Mrs George declared a family lock down and her virus paranoia is through the freaking roof! :eek: