COVID-19: who’s going full doomsday prep on this?


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Shameful joy is the only joy going around at the moment.

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I'm loving lockdown... WFH rocks. Only downer is my MTB trail access is severely constrained so I have to resort to the roadie...

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It took a lot of effort to not burst into tears when I heard the "update" this afternoon.

Fortunately I've been working onsite all the way through which has kept some element of normality, but living alone, the rest of the time might as well be full iso. I'm normally a solitary beast anyway, but even I have limits. Eight fucking months of this shit is crushing me.
I am generally a pretty solitary person, I find having to interact with customers and co-workers usually gives me enough of people. But 8 months of alone time against my will? That's pretty fucked up dude. I hope things pick up for you soon and you find some people you can reach out to and connect with in a meaningful way. Does Victoria not have a singles bubble similar to NSW?


Here comes...

Melrose 18hr starts midnight Friday, was heading up tomorrow afternoon :rolleyes:

It only takes 1 community case and Marshall Law will lock us up.

Yup, I reckon if there is a sniff of community transmission lock down by 6pm. Might go to Bunnings and grab a few things…. :p


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Has this actually happened to people?

Daniel there might have some 'splainin to do if this is a real thing

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Yes it has. Local rider rode had been doing a regular loop in our LGA a few km from his own house in a deserted and rarely ridden trail network but did a 12km or so ride.

Cops turned up next morning wanting to know his movements and where he had been. They were annoyed but had to follow it up as a formal complaint had been logged. We think he took someone’s KOM and they got a bit cheeky with reporting.

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Yup, I reckon if there is a sniff of community transmission lock down by 6pm. Might go to Bunnings and grab a few things…. :p
Got a Bunnings run in the morning myself... and grabbing all the Melrose 18hr Tee-shirts to take up to OTE.

Hope we clear the weekend without any cases.

I'm ready and prepared for it, it's going to happen and I'm surprised we didn't fall over in the last couple of weeks.

Over 170 riders registered for the 18Hr :p



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I think it would be pretty rare, but would be an easy one for the coppers if someone did do the dob.

Most of the guys on my feed have been pretty good, other than Mr Hale! But have noticed a change in the last few days. Few local retirees have been enjoying the nice weather and spreading their wings a little.


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A couple of days after my second Pfizer and I really just had a bit of a headache the day after and now my arm is just a bit sore at the injection site if you poke it.
Got a good ride in on the local shop ride last night on the Latrobe Wild Mersey trails! ;)


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Second Pfizer jab booked in after much f***ing around. Got one for second November which will be 10 weeks (rather than 6) from the first jab.

Might need to keep searching for cancellations....
Pfizer is only 21 day minimum to shot #2.

Easy said from someone who is in a state with no vid (yet) but keep checking HotDoc. I got mine 2 weeks earlier when I couldn't make the original date.