Depression- need help?


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This is a timely thread dig, and has been a good read. Thank you all for your input.

Had a tough week last week, but not as significant as some of the other posters here. Ended up using our Employee Assistance Program on Thursday as they had an onsite drop-ins after an incident I had been involved in earlier in the week. I had one false start where I went in for the drop-in but backed out at the last minute on Wed. It was good to chat with no strings attached. That led to a decision that Friday would be good to take the day off, so I did with approval from my manager. Taking the day off was a good detox, somewhat selfish but gave me some space to relax. Time in the shed alone is good for me.

Still thinking that booking some formal EAP is a good idea, but maybe I just need to get out and ride a bit more for now.
I feel for you mate. From personal experience, a GP is a good starting point. Talking to someone can do wonders but sometimes our brain chemistry is out of whack and feeling down is a daily experience, often with no obvious cause. Anti depressant drugs are a lot better these days and once through the initial trial and error phase, and any side effects, they can make a world of difference.

Best wishes to yourself and anyone else suffering!


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My favorite quote is:

"People are not driven by past causes but move towards the goals they set themselves" - Alfred Adler

Changed everything for me. I realised my subconscious goal was connection. Then learnt to communicate in a digestible way so that I could achieve that connection in an empowering way.

Be kind to yourselves.

Be well


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More people will probably die in Australia to this the beer flu induced depression than the virus itself ... go figure
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More people will probably die in Australia to this the beer flu induced depression than the virus itself ... go figure
Without a vaccine soon, modeling showed about 1:100 Aussies are likely to die during 2 waves of the virus. That’s 250,000.


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University of Queensland is being supported to develop a vaccine financially by a worldwide health organisation which usually gets its funds from the US. The US are trialling vaccines too, just not much is being released to the media on how it's going. There's a few countries looking for solutions to end this virus.
We're probably veering a little off topic for the black dog thread but yes there was mention of both the University of Queensland's work and Moderna's candidate trials in whatever I was reading however nobody has passed the initial stages of Phase I clinical trials yet meaning that they are still at least 12 months away from a commercially available vaccine and that is only if one of these candidates passes all phases.


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Just thought it might be a good time to bump this thread back up in case anyone was having a tough time.
Good call. A lot of people have had their relief valves cut off. No meeting mates at the pub, no access to gyms etc, even shitting out group rides. I’m an introvert so would happily spend a couple of weeks at home, with the odd ride to change scenery but reckon if it goes too long it’ll get old. Feel for the extroverts or those losing work along with the social restrictions.

Look for help if think you need it.