Dirt Jump Etiquette

would the development of DJ etiquette be helpful - provided people followed it?

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i got a rule don't bitch if you don't ride/do the dj's theres nothing more annoying then some newbie who thinks they are the shit just cause the can do a jump tell you that the dj's you spent hours making are shit..... heres a tip make your own :)


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if you go into trails and the owners r building dont ride the other ones offer to build and if they say no then ask to ride the trails, but dont ride the ones the hust finished making or r waiting to dry or settle. and if you have found some trails dont tell all of ur mates coz next thing u know they will hav told all the wrong people and the trails turn to shit when they start to ride them.


usually if you find well built jumps ask before you ride them on a forum to see if anyone knows who built them. Asking never hurt anyone.


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ofcourse etiquette is important. and there is nowhere near enough of it. it makes me mad. especially watching newbies conduct themselves around the jumps. people need to be told. i think not only is it poor form, but i find it selfish and rude what some people do on the jumps at times. especially litle kids "who dont know better". makes me mad.i would enforce etiquette but its probably not going to ever have a set of universal rules made for it. so it probably wont happen.


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Our rule is unless u can jump it then u cant touch it:cool:
The jumps we goto is like a local spot for ppl hoo get drunk and they wreck em:mad:
but every time we rebuild em they get bigger n better:)


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love the rules!

the chance that all ppl will stick to that is pretty slim. i think the etiquette is logic to everyone but alot of people have a much larger inclination to exercise their laziness rather than etiquette... we cant do much about that except use them as fill for a new line when the time is right. i worked my butt off at cardi in 8hour sessions for months and had heaps of mtb dudes come through there promising to help...... nothing transpired.... however, heaps of dudes did help and contributed to making it a better place.... to you all out there: "enforce the rules..... ALL of them! The rules rock, the dude who wrote them... u rock!


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its always the council who screws up our jumps. wev had about 6 sets and 2 huge drops knocked down by the council.


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All the same applies to northshore trails as well. I hate it when some punk comes riding through a kangaroo trail, comes accross a northshore trail and starts saying that they are HIS trails. That gives me the shits...


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Rule Three : If you happen to find the jump building shovels and other tools hide them again after you use them .. there is nothing worse than having stolen tools.
some people come along and take my shovels from My House

then they take over the joint even though its on privet land :mad:

then they make the place shit house with holes everywhere then some stupid idoit from 50 km away comes and brakes his leg in three different places

then the city concil comes and flattens the joint

thats what happened to me and now i have to start all over again:(


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even though most the time it is council that completely demolish them. its usually the little fags that find your trails who either think they are too big so they modify them or get all of their little noob mates and come screw them up. you cant get to mad at the council. mainly because most illegal trails are on their land.


spent a few hours digging couple weeks ago, just as we were finishing....these morons with their kids come walking past...letting their kids run all over the jumps:mad:
then some fukwit rocks up on a thumpster and tells us how he's been trying to jump them, now we know who's been ripping our jumps up...thumpster no more:D

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Great idea

i reckn dj ettiquitte should be passed as law im sick of spending weeks building jumps (and doing it quietly so that the jumps dont get demolished by nature loving old ladies and ther council letters) just to have some piss poor 14 year old riders on their huffys come thru and roll up take off and screw up lips, run over berms AND SHIT ON THE TRACK!!!:mad:


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i think its a good idea to have it because i get so pissed off when u go back to ur dirt jumps and they are ruined by low lifes. Then if u can b bothered fixing them u come back the next week and they are ruined again so now i just go to council built bike parks!

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Rule 4: Unless you build the jumps, don't change them!

If you want to jump bigger jumps then dont build on other peoples, you may be preventing newbies or bad riders from using jumps they were happy with AND THEY BUILT!!!! Go build your own bigger ones seperately And second that about the rubbish, nothing worse than damn broken glass from dickheads breaking their beer bottles :evil:
I totally agree. I hate it when people build bigger jumps over the small ones which is all u can do.


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i know why your ticked off, some of the dirt jumps in my local area have been flatened to tabletops because some biginers were to scared they wouldn't make the gap. the jumps used to flow perfectly, now your lucky if you dont case the second one.