Eating in Melbourne's Chinatown


what is a yous
Best place to eat?
I'll be there dinner time Sunday - don't get to Melbourne much so don't really know the best ...

Recommendations ... and why ...

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One of the best reviewed places in Melbourne is "Longrain". 42 Little Bourke st. (Top end of town about 2 blocks east of the true "china town". Ate there last week with my son who's a chef at Rockpool (world class place) and knows his asian food.... and twas magnificent.

Food is a real fusion of modern asian/Thai... the chef featured on Masterchef Australia (as guest celebrity chef) and cooked a dish called the "Eggnet". If you go to Longrain, GET IT.... IT'S BLOODY BEAUTIFUL!

Place opend at 6pm and there's no bookings so I'd suggest you get there early. Communal tables (sounds cheap and nasty but it's one very classy place actually) are fun and you're actually seperated enough to be private if you want OR join in with those around you.

Expect $60-80 per head for food and drinks and you'll come out like a bloated tick (very generous serving sizes).


what is a yous
Expect $60-80 per head for food and drinks and you'll come out like a bloated tick (very generous serving sizes).
hmm, sounds ace, but I'm after cheaper than that as I'll have a 5 and an 8 year old with me.
Might have to try that one with just the wife one day ....

cheers Grip.


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+1 for 'Longrain' but yep it's pricey.

if budget is your thing but food poisoning aint try 'Dumplings Plus' 269 Swanston Street just down from the corner of Swanston and Londsdale (there's a McDondals on that corner) it's only about a dollar or two more expensive at Dumplings plus for most meals you'd get from similar but dodgier chinatown dumplings restaurants but i've never been sick and the quality/taste or the food and service is much much better. don't expect 5 star but it's about $9 for 15 steamed dumplings.


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The Supper Inn in Celestial lane is good value & family friendly. Bookings are allowed if there for more than 2 people, otherwise you can queue. You'll know it by the line that snakes out the door.


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I know just from the name that it should be avoided but do try and AVOID 'Gaylord's Indian'. Off Lt Bourke St...

Shocking establishment.

Was at Ginza last night, had Teppanyaki as a banquet. Starts at $42 a head.
The food is amazing. Might not be upto the Longgrain standard, but you also get a show with your meal, those chefs are talented. The Kids will love it.
Chinatown is pretty pricey in most of those resturants.
I suggest walk up and down and check the prices, helps build up the appitite!:D


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y'all dont know dodgy dumplings?

Camy shanghai dumpling (or whatever its called.. everyone i know calls it dodgy dumplings) is on tattersalls lane which is the first lane on your left if you walk east down little bourke from swanston. its the same lane as gaylords actually.

Good points:
- Its cheap as hell
- Food is awesome.
- Best Dumplings in Melbourne, if not the world.
- Its got good lively atmosphere. Elvis on the PA and the constant din of crowds. If its busy (usually is) then you probably will have to share tables with strangers.

Bad points:
- There's usually a short wait, or a long one depending on when you go. The line sometimes stretches 10+ meters out the door..
-If its busy (usually is) then you probably will have to share tables with strangers.
- Dont go if you're all fancy and would care that the place has been shut down by health inspectors at least twice..
- It can be a little bit dirty (see above).

I dont know how busy it'd be on a sunday.. I used to go there after work occasionally during the week, and friday/saturday nights..


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I love a place called little malaysia...

semi dodgy, of little bourke street.

there mouthabak curry combo's are FTW. one you get it youll think its small, but deary me, its rare i finish one.

and for about 10-12 bucks, cant really go wrong.

i think in the end, most places there are really good.


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Vietnam Noodle House on Swanston reigns supreme. Incredibly cheap, incredibly fast and efficient, also incredibly popular so good luck getting a seat at peak times:p