Fire Warnings


veni, vidi, volanti
Only three more months to go. What could possibly go wrong?

And only 9 months until it kicks off again.


Cereal killer
Paging @moorey. That one near the 'Rat heading your way?
I don’t believe so. About 20km away and they’re hitting it hard. It’s like 39deg still, but we just had a dump of heavy rain for 10 minutes. The strong winds have also dropped.
Cheers for the concern :)


Eats Squid
Rain next weekend, so just hoping they can slow this fire during the week. Seems like conditions aren't too bad, but everything just so dry...


Wheel size expert
It's a disco inferno!
Knowing your bedroom history I think this may be an appropriate song.

Sorry folks, humour in bad times can be helpful.....

Hope everyone is ok and will be for the months ahead, can't see an end to this right now after last year's fake winter.