Fire Warnings

Also from that linked article "the RFS turned up [the next morning] with nine body bags"... I'm well out of my depth here, anybody want to comment on whether this is typical for the RFS to roll around with body bags?


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Unrealistic goals here. Most fires are started by lightning like the Gospers Mountain one with some at night. How on earth would you be able to cover hundreds if not thousands of strikes in Southern half of Australia.
I have a great respect or Andrew Forrest but cant help thinking he is having a Clive Palmer moment here.

Below is from NSW bushfire inquiry
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It will start getting cooler, just you watch.
He is like a fucking druid or Soothsayer thinking his simple minded peasants haven't caught on about the seasons. shit it's about to get cooler, winter is coming. I'm surprised he hasn't insisted on the sacrifice of virgins yet.