Fire Warnings


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Management of fuel loads on forest floors doesn’t really do much when it’s jumping from crown to crown. It “can” slow down initial propagation, but once it’s up and running it’s going no matter what “management” was done prior.

And when it’s the fifth straight day over 40 and the wind is gusting at 100kph, it’s up and running in about 30 seconds.


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That and most of the 'fuel load' on the forest floor is habitat/food to various bugs and critters (< technical terms).


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Is there a revised edition? That document seems to be nearly 20 years old now, CC has taken us to places likely not realised when that was written.
No idea. I'm sure there is a whole ecosystem of journals and papers I'm not aware of.

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I've got to ask - still haven't read it thoroughly though - does it mainly discuss pine forest understory? Different kettle of fish to eucalypt forests.

Yes, we've managed to infect vast swathes of Cali with eucalypts but still...