First long weekend of spring - how will you spend it?


Exciting plans? Working so people can enjoy their exciting plans? Riding? Make me jealous.

I will be working around the house while the good lady wife takes our daughter to her parents place for a week. Might get in sneaky pedal at some point if the weather is reasonable.

Yes, I want to leave work now...


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2nd long weekend in a row for the fine people of Canberra!

Grand Final on Saturday - few beers and a BBQ. Get a ride in on Sunday hopefully. Take it easy on Monday.


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2nd long weekend in a row for the fine people of Canberra!

Grand Final on Saturday - few beers and a BBQ. Get a ride in on Sunday hopefully. Take it easy on Monday.
Sunshine coast with my lady. Lots of riding, ciders and wine, fine food and........ scrabble :eyebrows:

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Some exciting, some not..... Not going away anywhere; Friday (the bonus off day) a bit of stuff for the yacht club I sail at, 'cos we're gearing up for our 80th birthday celebrations, then go for a ride somewhere. Saturday I'm booked to go on a glider flight, so I'm hoping like hell the weather is going to be OK for it, then Sunday will just be the normal social group ride.

The footbrawl can get fucked, I don't give the slightest hint of a shit about it.


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Ride with the kids yesterday

Ride with what felt like 3/4 of Melbourne today at lysty

Ride with the kids again tomorrow followed by footy and drinks (the anti-footy brigade can eat a bag, I'm enjoying the spectacle to its fullest this year!)

Hangover Sunday. I assume anyway, not making plans

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Sunday is the 1st of October. Any Rotorburners doing the Great Cycle Challenge this year? My strategy this year is to go big early, to give me room to breath at the end of the month. Aiming for 80-100 km on both Sunday and Monday.
Might be cool to start a dedicated thread if there are a few of us doing the challenge.

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Hanging out with the gf for her birthday today, went in to see the wildlife photography exhibition at the maritime museum in the harbor, followed by picking up the some games for the PS4 I bought her, and some other stuff from town hall.

Fitting a new 50mm stem to my scout as we speak, ready for a ride tomorrow. Sunday will be spent cleaning two cars and getting my dirtbike sorted for a ride Monday. 4 day weekends are the pretty nice.

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Today - new bike day so riding was high priority. Domestic stuff and a touch of shopping.
Tomorrow - riding again hopefully and then relaxing at home with Mrs Reverend.
Sunday - all going to plan, you've guessed it. More riding! A nice walk with the Mrs. Then muttering to myself whilst cooking and getting ready for the coming week.

Have a great, safe & fun long weekend all.


Currently at work, seeing its month end and I shall be spending more time here....:eek:hwell:

At least I will get myself a day off in lieu later.


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Yesterday did a little loop over Mt Dandenong. Before lots of gardening at home :(
This morning stepped it up a bit and did a very cold, wet, sleaty ride up Donna Buang. Then watched the AFL GF while having a couple of beers. And put in a PB up Donna - 1hr:17min :)
Tomorrow a recovery ride back over Mt Dandy.


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Turned the long weekend into 10days and headed up to QLD skydiving for a week


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Mid afternoon naps today, still feeling a bit crappy and doubt I'll get a Stromlo lap in...

Flew home yesterday from delivering Mum's car.

Saturday was a very nice 50km ride around home territory around Castlemaine and showing Mum all the cool new features.