Getting power back in the legs


Eats Squid
My quads feel like a recently ploughed paddock and I haven't felt like I have any real power in my legs for a while. I've had a professional bike fit done, which has definitely helped with my comfort on the bike, but I know my leg muscles need a lot of work to recover from the years of abuse.

Does anyone have any good links for youtube videos for stretches, or tips for rolling? What do you do to help maintain condition and prevent knots, etc.


Eats Squid
I have a series of youtube stretches for 15-30 minutes I do as often as I can. On top of that monthly massage (you need to find someone who does it the way you like) to reset. I don't do serious volumes nowadays but back when I did it worked. Also once in a while just take a rest week and let it all reset.


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Squats / box jumps / loaded step ups etc in the gym could be handy? Otherwise on the bike - hill intervals (which sound horrible, but some people are into that)?

I do lots of banded glute bridges / banded walks as part of my gym routine which seem to be good for dynamic stretching in that whole area. Typically use a trigger/lacrosse ball for knots - sometimes a foam roller.


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It is impossible to overtrain. Very easy to under recover. Have a rest.

I had years of fried legs. Would go on a few day holiday with wife and kids and come back beast mode to to legs having recovered. Since that dropping back to 4 to 5 rides a week had me at a good fitness/power ratio.