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For all you Glenrock riders out there, you may have noticed a bit of official trail building going on from the guys at World Trail. For those that haven't, the DJ quarries are undergoing a transformation, the old DJ's on the cliff edge are gone and a new set away from the cliff are under construction (mud jump rework is next) and the BJ's Surprise/highroller/suessland area is also being tweaked.

In preparation of the NPWS formalising a volunteer trail maintenance crew, there will be a trail maintenance/building session with World Trail next weekend ( Saturday and Sunday, 21st and 22nd of March).

The following is a quote from a NPWS press release on the issue,

NPWS said:
World Trail to Host a Volunteer Trail Day at Glenrock State Conservation Area, Newcastle
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is undertaking works to improve the mountain bike trails in the Glenrock State Conservation Area in Newcastle. They have engaged well known Australian trail builders World Trail to provide sustainable design and construction expertise and techniques.

The Glenrock trails have been a popular but unofficial mountain bike destination for local enthusiasts for many years. The trails are a legacy of a colourful historical past and many parts of the trail network are subsequently in poor condition. In recent years NPWS has started to take the necessary steps to formalise some of these trails, culminating in the current works being undertaken and the upcoming volunteer trail day.

In the weeks leading up to the volunteer trail day, Glen Jacobs and the World Trail crew will be working with the local NPWS staff to teach them the specifics of trail design and construction. On the weekend of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of March, Glen will be on site at Glenrock demonstrating the principles of sustainable trail construction, which will then be put into practise by repairing some sections of trail. Participants will get the opportunity to learn and ask questions, while actually designing and constructing more sustainable trails.
No need to register your intentions, just turn up on the day.

Meet at the Gun Club road entrance off Fernleigh Loop in Adamstown Heights at 8:45am for a 9am start each day

Bring your bike, sunscreen, water to drink and insect repellent.

Wear a hat, trousers, a long sleeved shirt and enclosed footwear.

It is looking increasingly like World Trail will be back again after the initial round of works (which by all accounts look sweet).

There was also a meet and greet the NPWS session at gunclub gates yesterday that was well attended, another will be held on April 18. About 50 riders were at the gates to discuss the POM with NPWS management and the session looked to be beneficial to both parties.
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josh smithy

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Glenrock and Groundeffect

hey my name is Josh, and i want to become involved with Glenrock Trail advocacy. I'm glad that there are build days at Glenrock on 21 and 22 of March. I was wondering about getting funding from Groundeffect for Glenrock, to help the NPWS, World Trail and volunteers fix up Glenrock. Groundeffect is currently supporting the Awaba mountainbike park, in conjunction with the HMBA and Forests NSW, so i was wondering if it would be possible to support Glenrock using a Groundeffect Slush Fund. there is more info on the Groundeffect website.

just wondering

josh smithy

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Glenrock Draft Plan of Management Submissions

what is the best way of going about getting involved with the Glenrock Plan of Management?


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
Here is a few photo's for those who haven't been up in a few days.

Small quarry areas
The sixpack has been dragged away from the cliff edge and looks to be replaced with four decent sized table tops.

Some substantial rock armoring on the link from the first quarry to the second.

New trail linking the mud jumps (to be reworked) to the new table tops.

BJ's Surprise
First corner being worked on so far, looks to be a stunning corner.



Eats Squid
So cool to see this all happening.

Gonna see If I can get up for at least one of the days. Probably can't do both though.


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cool, see you at the Gun Club road entrance off Fernleigh Loop in Adamstown Heights at 8:45am Sunday.


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
Apparently work today was at the end of the jump run as you enter the park and into the switchback section that leads to the quarry.

NPWS seem very positive about the works to date as well, so things are panning out nicely.


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
The works are all on Xc trails, and in the quarriea with the DJ's.

As it stands with the draft POM, the DH trails will be closed. You can read more about the draft POM here and here (glenrock trail alliance. The NPWS read the Glenrock site regularly and if you have comments on the DH situation, post them there and put a submission in.

We need comments from the DH crew to get something to happen. Submissions are pouring in from an XC perspective, but have been quiet from the DH guys who stand to loose the most.


Likes Dirt
wow - photos are great

It is fantastic that the work on the trails has begun. A lot of lobbying and planning work for a long time, but action is now occurring.

I will get a chance to experience the new trails at the start of April cause I am visiting my brother in law and he lives right next to Glenbrook. Can't wait to see the work then.

Well done.

And downhillers - as SammyDog says you need to speak up now.


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
Some more picks of the Twisties trail (leads from Jumping the Gun to the first quarry).

Glen Jacobs and Reece fro World Trail;

Going down to the creek, nearly over the old log;

And the new 'big' berm just above the log itself;

the new imporved mud Jumps are also under going work at the moment.

Just a request though, the new single trail needs time to settle, so if we can either stay off it, or take it easy as the berms need so compact a little more.


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
Mud Jump Area, Quarries and Twisties and Dip (leads to quarries) are done. Can we stay of twisties until the NPWS have had a chance to get the water tanker in to water down the trail.

Decent turnout today, I had to leave at 10am and will be back down later but here is a few shots of the crew working on the top of BJ's Surprise. There was a crew using heavy machinery starting at the bottom.

I'll get more shots this afternoon as well as a heap tomorrow.

Build crew briefing and run down on trail building technique.

Hmmmm, allegedly hard at work sorting the two lines around the rock at the bottom corner. Looks more like dancing a funky jig.

Old line to the right, new line to the left.

Hard at work cutting in the new line.

Meeting tomorrow at 8:45am, Gun Club gates to continue the work before World Trail have to leave town.


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thats heaps good glenny is getting built back up i have 2come back to newy and see how they really are as i moved to sydney is any work getting done to the main creek jump track by any chance


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
No work on the DH trails.

At this stage under the Draft POM, the DH trails (Dippers, Creek Gap and Garden Path) will be closed.


NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
Got a heap of photo's to go up, so I will start with what was completed yesterday and do a new post for today.

First turn on BJ's

Two lines around here, high and wide, or inside off the ledge. The old rutted line went through the middle of the choke rock.

Further down BJ's



NSWMTB, Hunter MTB Association
I hope everyone found the weekend as good as I did. Trails look sweet as well. Huge thanks to the NPWS and World Trail for making the weekend of building happen.

Hopefully though we get a bit of water on them soon to compact everything down. Last thing we need is people skidding on the fresh trails before they have a chance to bed in.

Quite a few people skidding along the upper section having a look while we work below.

Glen seemed confident that the soil was good enough to hold up while we were waiting, other than people trying to rail the berms that were still soft (particularly in twisties).

Looks like there may be a storm building (fingers crossed) to get some water on the trail.

Anyone got some photos of mud jumps and the quarrie jumps they can put up?


Eats Squid
Mmmmmmm nice bench cuts people. Those trails are going to last ages, good to see.

Nice work by all involved, wish I could have made it up there.