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Discussion in 'Parts 'n Stuff' started by DMan, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. DMan

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    I've never had one. I'd like to strip down my spare bike and build something that can handle some rough, steep stuff as well as climb. I intend to build it up with plus size tyres and use my 150mm fork. Is there much between these two frames? The specs and geos seem close. Moorey, you're a Ragley fan aren't you? Would peeps you go the Ragley over the Nukeproof? Or is there something better at about that price range? Or is it horses for courses? Wheeeee....

  2. Nukeproof is a pretty awesome frame. Highly recommend it. Not steel though so that's about the only downer I could add.
    Long front end, short back end and a nice raked out front. Good and slack.
    If you want to go plus size tyres they probably won't fit in the 27.5 frame. There's a cable stop for a front derailleur on the back of the seat tube which would probably rub on the tyre. Would work with a 29 frame though. I believe the diameters of plus and 29 are very similar?
    Saw the prices were stupid cheap the other day too, $330 is a bargain. paid nearly double before xmas.
  3. dynamitedread

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    I'm running an NS Eccentric with 26"plus tyres 140mm fork and love it. Steel and a resnable price. Maybe you should check out frame on chain reaction. Lots of people on here use em
  4. DMan

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    Great prices on both. Steel better because of strength or feel?
  5. DMan

    DMan Top Bloke

    Non there sadly. Only a cos. damaged alu
  6. Feel. I went from a Cotic BFe to the Nukeproof.
    Steel is a better material but that said, I'm plenty happy with the Scout
    Sizing was good. I'm big so XL is nice
  7. DMan

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    Yep, Scout looks good. How tall are you? I normally ride med. Does the Scout run smaller or larger to size. Or at 5'10 will med do?
  8. moorey

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    Hey chigs. Haven't tried a nuke, so can't comment, but really like the Ragley frames. What size are you, btw? There's a complete cracker out there for way too cheap.

    edit. M, I see now. This one is XL, which is really more of an L.
  9. Probably larger. In the XL it is long in front. Which I'm loving.
    As a guide this bike has a similar wheelbase to my Enduro 29r which is also an XL.
    I'm 6'3".
    Check the geo charts against the bike you're riding now as a guide to sizing.
  10. Mr_hANky

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    Hey mate. Doing the exact same project atm.

    Was also tossing up between the ragley and scput and ended up going with the scout. While the ragley was steel and had the spec i was after i think it was just that bit too racked out for what i wanted (64deg). I did plan on just fixing this abit by lowering the fork to 140mm but it wpuld have lowered the BB to much and people are already complaning that the cranks hit everything as is with a 150mm fork. Where as the nukeproof is a nice 66deg with a 140mm fork. I ended up choosing the L (18") frame as im 5'10. The medium (16.5") has a reach of only 415mm which is miles to small for myself. Reach and stack is the only 2 measurements that you can use to compare different bikes sizings. Just think back to a bike you felt super comfy on and check what reach and stack it had and it makes choosing a size way easier.
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  11. DMan

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    Thanks man there's some great info in there. My plan is a 150mm fox 34 so bb height is very important. And sizing was what concerned me too as I felt I sat inbetween a 16.5 and 18. So at 5'10 the 18 will suit me too
  12. BB is low. I'm running 175mm cranks and hit plenty of stuff.
    More than I ever did with the BFe which was a L and 26"
    Am also running a 150mm fork. Started with a 140mm
    Good frame. You won't regret getting one. Good geometry, modern HT style. Slack and long
    To be honest I'm surprised they are not more common.
  13. Litenbror

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    I'm looking at a similar build and I'm trying to decide between the Ragley mmbop, Marley, piglet or the nukeproof scout. I am building a bit of a do it all bike for xc, climbing but also some good down down hill fun as well as commuting during the week. I'm going to build it off my duel suspension 150mm so all of these frames would work on paper. I'm leaning towards the Ragley because of the warranty since crc don't list a warranty for the scout. Your thoughts would be welcomed

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  14. the drizzle

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    I run a Ragley piglet with a 150mm mattoc. The thing rips, so much fun to ride particularly through corners. Optimised for a 130mm fork, but the sale price on the frame made me choose the piglet over the blue pig. Was going to lower the forks further but super happy with it at 150mm.

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  15. Litenbror

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    Thanks for that I'm running x-fusion sweep adjustable 140 to 160 so they should fit.

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  16. Litenbror

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    The unfortunate thing about the piglet is it's only QR for the rear and I'm running 12 - 142mm axel

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  17. Scout.
    I'm using a 150mm fork. No dramas.
    But the MMMBop looks plenty good too. And a good price
    Good prices on all these frames though. Wish there were more 26" options around
    I got all this 26" gear to use and no badass frames to put it on.:noidea:
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  18. DMan

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    I love these dilemmas. Only dilemma now is the MMMBop or Scout really....
  19. Mr_hANky

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    I went through this exact dilemma haha. Chose the scout as it was closer in geo to the piglet than the blue pig.
  20. Mr_hANky

    Mr_hANky Likes Bikes and Dirt

    Warranty details straight from the nukeproof website.
    Frames - 2yr
    Frames 2016 onwards - 5yrs

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