How to build DJ's

Thanks heaps for all this info, really helped me out with designing/building my little dj's out the back. i could never find enough speed for them since i built them on flat but now i got a berm on a slight slope before them which makes it really easy to gain/keep speed when coming up to the jump.
awesome thread, cheers. I know youd hate me for asking? but where are these jumps? I live in hornsby heights and know of about t4 places, but they are mostlty individual jumps and not tvery good. do ya know of any other 'goodies' that ya dont tmind sharing?


this is an amesome thread, its a a great guide to jump building. the different tips will definitely help me when i start building jumps during the holidays.



Thanks heaps for taking the time to type this information up. Its been really helpful and aided in the construction of a similar track. :D

thought i'd add that in addition to a new drainage plan you need to check out the existing situation pretty thuroughly. I just dog a nice jump in the backyard that is ddirectly above some existing underwater drainage. Apparently my entire roof drains through that jump. LOL
Great tips!! now just need someone else to do all this digging/moving work for me this weekend, half a day in and Im routed all ready
ideas man

drainage is an excelent idea. i can think if a few spots in the local DH track that could benefit from this, might be time to have a discussion with the fellas and go visit the wholesalers.
thanks mate