How to build DJ's

Does any1 hav any ideas f how to buil;d good dj,s With grey sand its relly hard and often falls apart it doesnt compact very well an ideas would b great
get some other dirt with a high clay content and mix it in here is the mixing ratio
100 of good clay dirt : 0 grey sand


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omg our dj r punie but urs r massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:
:eek: learn to spell dumb ass. yeah well that's awesome work. this has been very helpful for me thanks.

Just one Question - how do i go about building dirt jumps on sand? I am finding it very hard.


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Just one Question - how do i go about building dirt jumps on sand? I am finding it very hard.
The easiest solution, is just don't.

Not very helpful I know, but don't even try, you're wasting your time.

Either get dirt delivered, and I mean a LOT, so you can build an entire new ground base of at least 6" dirt, and then your DJ's on top of that, or find a new area.


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Around where i live all i see is unusable rainforest (denser than a pimp's resume) and sandy stuff thats shit for making jumps. Do you rekon that if i dig long enough ill find clay?


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thanks for the ideas i'll definately use them when I build.

One tool that you left out was a trowel. Were using it one our jumps to make nice touchups on the lips and its working great.:)


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That was really comprehensive, Gluey

Enlighten me, we have this step down/hip thats built well, and it drains fine, but its too hard to get any speed.

What I was thinking was, build a berm that follows the short run-in, and then build a jump onto the lander, It would still be hipped but easier to do.

I'll post up some pics if thats confusing. Thanks


Shit dude, thats Rad!

Thanks heaps champ, I have been looking for a good guide to jump building for ages.
You really did a great job on this champ.

Thanks haha ;)