Its time ... WWII movie classics

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Nerf Herder, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Didn't scroll through all the pages, but hopefully Downfall got a mention.
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    Hacksaw Ridge

    Has anyone seen Hacksaw Ridge ?

    The old classics that have been listed are true to the word classics.
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    Typically smaltzy treatment of the source material, for US audiences, overly graphic treatment of the battle scenes seems to be aiming for shock value as apposed to realism.

    The bloke was a truly amazing person though. I'd suggest reading about him, rather than watching the movie.

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    A fair point. I guess movies these days also have to compete with Call of Duty and Medal of Honor for entertainment dollars.

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  5. Knuckles

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    It's not a bad movie, and the actual story behind it is really quit incredible, just go into it with the realisation that it's aiming fair and square for them feels.

    And Vince Vaughan is quite possibly the absolute worst casting decision in the history of modern cinema, even worse that Tom Cruise in........well anything, actually.

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    "The Thin Red Line" is a WWII movie I saw at the flicks years ago. I have never forgotten it. I thought it was brilliant.

    ....and for Vietnam movies, "The Deer Hunter" is an absolute ball-tearer.

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  7. Nerf Herder

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    this deserves a remake
  8. silentbutdeadly

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    Give it a couple of weeks and you might get it live on free to air!
  9. lost it

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    +1 for Downfall.

    Land of mine is a brilliant portrayal of post ww2 when the surrendered Nazis were forced to clear the lands of land mines. Recent release but well worth the watch.

    Other series that have been missed are:
    Generation war.
    The Heavy Water War.
    And has anyone mentioned The Pacific?
  10. Nerf Herder

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    Haven't heard of these ... Will do a search. Cheers
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  12. Nerf Herder

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    Valkyrie. Just watch it tonight. Not a bad film considering it has Tom cruise in it. Worth the watch though.
  14. Knuckles

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  15. pink poodle

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    He was tied up in a you tube channel (blowing stuff up etc) and had his name stamped on some outdoors/survival gear a while back.
  16. Zaf

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    Unsere Mütter Unsere Väter
    Technically a mini-series, but still about the pinnacle of WW2 movies.

    Glad Das Boot got a mention as well, because that movie is amazing, worth mentioning that all the scenes are hand filmed of them running through the sub (camera crews had to learn how to sprint backwards through doorways), and the director essentially forced a method acting technique on the crew and every scene with them getting wet includes ice cold water, they had to sleep away from the sunlight etc.
  17. Nerf Herder

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    my two fav genres mashed up ... just needed wookies and lady vampires and Id be happy. plus i like Robert Redford and Gandolfini ... The Last Castle.

    trebuchet made from yard equipment ... what more can you ask for.
  18. Nerf Herder

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    Grave dig

    This is really interesting ... Falklands war doco ... Brits are funny
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  19. Nerf Herder

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    Another one ... currently going thru a YouTube thing

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