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Awesome. How do you rate it?
A few thoughts:

The newer yamaha motor is a step forward from the one in the 2019 trance E. Doesn't flatten off as much at higher cadence but stlll has a definite sweet spot, and doesn't pulse jerkily if the pedal with your weight on it isn't bottom dead centre like the older one. A T25 torx to secure the battery is better than the lock and key used previously, and the battery cover deflects mud and water better. The battery is basically the same unit, and the old ones still fit, but the on bike charging cover is a hard plastic plug that rotates out of the way and is an improvement.

The giant ebike app has the motor assist level adjustments ghosted, and the ride control unit on the bar doesn't display battery level while charging anymore, but these are meant to be fixed in updates. The native specialized and third-party BLevo apps seem to be years ahead of the giant app. I don't use the giant ebike app at all when riding, preferring to use an app available on the garmin IQ store that shows the assist and battery levels on my garmin. The garmin detects a power meter available from the motor, but despite calibrating when prompted the power reported is way too low and makes calculated TSS worthless. I remove power and just use hrTSS instead when tracking fitness for rides with this bike.

The rear shock just took a couple of clicks on rebound and compression to rate 100% on shockwiz after using it to get pressure and ramp correct for my weight. The 40 is 180mm travel and gives a 62 degree head angle measured with my phone. I really like the improvement in stiffness compared to the single crown forks I've used on the bike. It's staying on there now, and I've ordered another fork for the bike it came off. The spec on this model of Reign E is pretty much faultless, the ones below and above in the range, not so much.


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I disagree that there are vastly more trail users because of ebikes.
Sorry, this in not what I meant.
what I was trying to get across is that the bike industry has hit hyper drive with the options available to the masses in getting people out on trails.
Ebikes just offer extra options for the likes of those that are carrying injuries and permanent ailments that restrict their riding habits, partners of dedicated mountain bikers the would have never gone out with them previously as they would have struggled to keep up causing angst for both parties, elderly members of the sport that still want to get out but no longer have the stamina or strength to ride modern trails.
all of these parties add to widening the spectrum of mountain biking, which has contributed to the numbers of people out on the trails, but Ebikes are not the sole cause of all this extra traffic and trail damage...
its all a numbers game, take a look at any trail head these days, getting a park is not as easy as it once was..look at the bike shops, they are just getting bigger with much more stock, there just has to be more riders out there.

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Avante Garde Italianness :) They must have problems pushing the Bianchi Celeste Blue which isn't too many shades away from Yeti Turquoise.

Have to admit that I'm a bit over the matte black that every bike manufacturer seems to have loads of it stashed away.


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Really dont like the look of that but I'm pretty sure in the EU bikes have to have lights and a couple of other features integrated so that they can have a higher speed limit.