Little Things You Hate


would blow a manky old hobo for $20
Weighted blanket..?
Yeah some people feel more comfortable with the weight of the blankets on them - So imagine its summer in Aus and you don't you have aircon and cant sleep as you have 7.6 billion blankets on as you feel more comfortable with the weight of the blankets.
This way 1 blanket same weight


Wheel size expert
I have questions, are they attempting to rescue someone/s from that car? Did they just cart it away in the back of the council truck?
I'm trying to work out the same, but it does look like they've cut someone out of it.

[EDIT] Found a link to the story.

"It may look as though the car had been flying down Evelyn Street, but it actually just hit a ramp attached to the back of the truck and flipped in."
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