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Got some hills to climb?
Sort of, not really. It's the trails with intermittent pinch climbs that give me the shits - seems to be whenever I really want the extra support of a climb lever it's in some awkward point of the trail where I'm too unco to reach for the switch without losing all momentum. It's still massive overkill for my needs. Going to pair it with a twist grip for easier actuation.

Boom King

Wheel size expert
Felix’s best mate. Lost his leg below the knee at 7yo in an accident. Still rides like a demon (prosthetic foot doesn’t pivot, so FIIK how he rides like he does.
Finished mid field on the weekend at final VDHS round in ultra fast u15 class. Beats me at KOB. Actually, is this LTIH?View attachment 351579
..on flats.
That boy is an inspiration. I forget about his leg every time I see him ride, only ever remember when somebody mentions it.