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pink poodle

Our man in the West
The second copy of aenima was necessary, I bought the original boring one straight up and then they released the fancy holographic cover so of course I had to have it!

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Ahhhh but no...the holographic was the original release, then the regular style with all those unreleased albums, then the hologram was re-released.

Mr Crudley

Wheel size expert
You need to lay off the crack pipe looks like a lot of bikes, but the Sunday isn't one of them.
Hey man, stop hogging the crack pipe again.

Love it's simple straight tunes and clean lines. In a curvy hydroformed and CF frame world it is welcome change. Looks great too.

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pink poodle

Our man in the West
So many crackers on here!!! Sure it is similar in the same way that a Ford falcon and Toyota land cruiser are similar - they're both cars/bikes.

There is a bit of a similarity to the old craftworks frm and a lot of other Horst link frames.