Little Things You Love


Grumpy Old Man
Being thoroughly cooked after a hard day's riding, and knowing I don't have to do anything tomorrow except watch the new episode of Game Of Thrones.


Likes Bikes and Dirt
The number of kids and families out at Lysterfield enjoying the sunshine and riding bikes on what is the biggest chocolate based celebration of the year.

pink poodle

Clinically Inane
on the way home from a week in Thredbo the wife, who likes the pace cos she's a keen swimmer and it has the rec centre, turns and says, so what's there for me to do in derby if we go there next year
Surely this lead to a spontaneous road side sweat fest?

Cooked, not baked. I gave that up many years ago.
You say potato I say it's better for your health to keep those lungs clear.


Not happy, Jan.
My Aldi chainsaw... I’m as surprised as anyone, but for a small and very cheap machine it actually works really well! Jury is out of course on how long it lasts....

Bought it because it was 4 stroke and I was interested. 4 stroke is a good thing on a saw as it turns out - it has more torque than you’d give it credit for.

Interesting engineering in that it uses the bar oil for engine lubrication - so must use new engine oil and not specific bar oil or waste oil. And of course no fuel mixing.