Little Things You Love

Cardy George

Is not in gaol
Had a few casualties lately so I'm running low on jerseys. Find cheap long sleeve, buy cheap long sleeve, coz cheap and long sleeved, expect to receive cheap thin summer jersey.

Jersey arrives today and I find it's a fully lined Euro winter weight with water resistant 'media pocket' :D

I don't ride a Cannondale, but for under 50 clams I don't care.


Jim Junkie

Used to sell drugs, now he just takes them
Quitting the job. My god, it was a rollercoaster of emotions deciding whether or not to do it, but the satisfaction of having done it is great.

Being headhunted for the new job to lead a project I'd really regretted loosing doesn't hurt either.

4 weeks and counting. Might throw a quick Rotorua or Derby trip in there between jobs too.